Cokie Roberts: In her own words

Roberts wrote about why women have always inspired her and how she would like to be remembered.
1:58 | 09/17/19

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Finally tonight, cokie Roberts, in her own words. On mothers and daughters, and how she would like to be remembered. Cokie Roberts was a reporter, a commentator, an historian. But above all, she was a mother and grandmother, a wife. And in that book, "We are our mothers' daughters," she wrote about why women have always inspired her. Mothers are great inspirations to me. As they pluckily push forward, insisting on enjoying life, they are an always present reminder of the grit and fortitude of the women who came before us. Reporter: She writes of the common thread. I'm always struck by the similarity in women's stories. Whether athletes or scientists, business women or soldiers, politicians or mechanics, no matter how different they may superficially seem. That's because of the thread of continuity with women throughout the ages. Caretaking. That's the common thread that runs through these stories. No matter what else women are doing, we are also mothering, taking care of somebody or something, and for the most part, doing it joyously. I think we've been doing it awfully well for a very long time. Reporter: And the gifts that came later. By far the best of all, I have become a grandmother. My excellent children and children-in-law have brought six fascinating, funny, cuddly creatures into the world. They are pure heaven. Reporter: And today, we found an interview done not so long ago, when cokie was asked a simple question. How would you like to be remembered? I'd like to be remembered as a mother and a wife and friend of people that I love very, very much. You know, when I sent out word today on cokie's passing, one viewer tweeted back to me, saying of cokie, a child of new Orleans, today journalism and the nation lost an original new

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"Roberts wrote about why women have always inspired her and how she would like to be remembered.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"65678402","title":"Cokie Roberts: In her own words","url":"/WNT/video/cokie-roberts-words-65678402"}