Collateral Damage of U.S. Drone Attacks

Drones in Pakistan are successful at fighting terrorists, but at what cost?
2:03 | 11/06/11

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Transcript for Collateral Damage of U.S. Drone Attacks
Into the growing debate over drones they have been hugely successful in remote dangerous regions racking up a long list of terror -- -- but tonight here who -- have been taken out. -- different from Pakistan on a teenager who spoke out trying to stop the drones because of the innocent lives he says have been lost. And then he was accidentally killed -- thrown just days later. Every day in fact talk on the day when -- feel. US officials -- remote controlled drones are highly accurate. It killed more than a dozen of the world's most wanted terrorists without any mistakes of the past -- it hasn't been a single collateral debt. But thought it Lula would disagree. He says he was fourteen when -- CA missile hit his home. He lost his legs and it's time and something -- that -- on I had a dream to be a doctor he says. But now I can't even walk to school and. A lot of people in lock stock to a hold these drone strikes including political parties hold rallies. Islamabad maintains that the strikes kills civilians. And increased violence and -- Two billion -- fifteen year old heart just ten days ago he attended an anti drone conference. He was scared to go back home -- drones fly over -- house every day. But he did go home. And three days later he was killed by the very -- he protested against the -- Stafford Smith organized that conference. And now it's taking the CIA to court. Until we get the people of the United States in the west see that children Pakistan on the same it's the -- -- children. Monopoly in this -- many in Pakistan share that anger -- the US unlikely who live. Washington can convince these unmanned hunter killers are their best and only weapon -- in the Afghan Pakistan border. -- for an ABC news Islam --

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{"id":14893810,"title":"Collateral Damage of U.S. Drone Attacks","duration":"2:03","description":"Drones in Pakistan are successful at fighting terrorists, but at what cost?","url":"/WNT/video/collateral-damage-us-drone-attacks-fighting-terrorist-pakistan-cost-of-war-politics-14893810","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}