College Football Championship Game Pits Longtime Rivals

The Ohio State Buckeyes have won every single game against the Oregon Ducks, a streak the Ducks intend to break.
2:16 | 01/11/15

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Transcript for College Football Championship Game Pits Longtime Rivals
national championship, not a bowl game, will determine the number one team. Ohio state versus Oregon may also be cable television's biggest audience ever. David Muir is in the middle of it. David? Reporter: Tom, great to see you here tonight. Of course, the new era in college football, the big championship on the line right here tomorrow night. Our partners at ESPN getting ready. "Sportscenter," the crew sitting in there at the desk. The team will be here this time tomorrow night. But come out here on to the field, we're here at AT&T stadium, obviously home of the cowboys here. If you've never been to the stadium, it's really something. They spent $1.3 billion on this place, and every one of these seats, 80,000 fans, expected to be here tomorrow. It is sold out for the big game. We're here all weekend long, watching both teams practice, talking with some of the coaches here too. Something else we've noticed here, the fans descended on north Texas, Ohio state buckeye fans and of course the Oregon duck fans. These two teams have a storied history. Ohio state has won every single time they've had a match up. 8-0 in their history. And Oregon looking to change that. And of course a lot to talk about the economics of this whole thing. A lot of money being pumped into college football now. Questions about how much players deserve in all this. We do know that the ncaa has allowed the families to get some money. $3,000 for the families to get here to come see these players play from all over the country. And two Numbers to keep in mind. It is estimated the NFL brings $10 billion a year. College football $5 billion. But college football's growing quickly. A lot faster than the NFL when it comes to money. And they're pointing to this championship, and the games that lead up to it as a big reason why. We're going to see a lot more money in the coming years. And take a look over my shoulder. They just came out. Oregon getting ready for the big team portrait. The Buckeyes will get their portrait next here. In fact, I just heard someone say we're getting our ducks in a row quite literally. 80,000 fans as I said will be watching the game. Their eyes trained on the players but at one factory in Ohio, they're going to be looking for something else on the field. Someone they're proud to say is made in America. Any guesses? Send me a tweet. We'll have that story tomorrow night. And one piece of trivia as we send this back to New York. These two schools have made history up against each other once before. The very first ncaa basketball final. And in that case, 1939, Oregon won. One of the coaches here told me every one of these players knows that. They want to repeat history. We'll see what the Buckeyes have to say about that. Tom, back to you.

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{"id":28155405,"title":"College Football Championship Game Pits Longtime Rivals ","duration":"2:16","description":"The Ohio State Buckeyes have won every single game against the Oregon Ducks, a streak the Ducks intend to break.","url":"/WNT/video/college-football-championship-game-pits-longtime-rivals-28155405","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}