The Comeback Kid: Jack Hoffman

Latest on 8-year-old Nebraska fan diagnosed with brain cancer who scored winning touchdown at big game.
1:40 | 04/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Comeback Kid: Jack Hoffman
Finally tonight, the little boy back on the field after that play we all watched over and over again. But it's his victory off the field proving he's America strong. Who could forget him? Number 22, just 7 years old. At the 30! Reporter: Little jack Hoffman running 69 yards for the score for his favorite team, Nebraska. Hoffman, scoring for the red team! Reporter: Lifted by that team right into our hearts. That little Nebraska F diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 5. But during his fight, he was given that chance to lead his favorite team on to the field. But off the field, we learned of another victory. After 60 grueling weeks of chemotherapy, jack's cancer in remission. Very happy. So incredibly proud of him. He's been very brave along the way. Reporter: That moment on the field an internet sensation. Tonight, more than 8.5 million views and counting. Jack's family and friends forming a foundation called team jack, the big give. To help all children with pediatric brain cancer. What a year it's been. Meeting the president. Trading card in his honor. Winning an espy for best moment in sports. I'm glad you're all now on team jack. And I know with you we can't lose. Thanks. Reporter: So many on his team now. This weekend, he was back on the field. His family saying his appetite is back, his hair is growing back. He's back at practice. Everyone excited to see him and to ask one more time about the big play. How did you know when to stop running when you went for the touchdown? My dad told me to just hit the fence. Reporter: A little boy and his big play, fueling a much bigger win off the field. All of us on team jack here.

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{"id":23313051,"title":"The Comeback Kid: Jack Hoffman","duration":"1:40","description":"Latest on 8-year-old Nebraska fan diagnosed with brain cancer who scored winning touchdown at big game.","url":"/WNT/video/comeback-kid-jack-hoffman-23313051","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}