Companies Look at the Hispanic American Consumer

"Made in America" series looks at the products businesses are making for the growing demographic.
3:16 | 05/14/13

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Transcript for Companies Look at the Hispanic American Consumer
Tonight abc's david muir is back with more in our made in america series. What's selling hot and why. The newest numbers really tell the story. Within two years, one of the 33 babies born in america, hispanic. Hispanic american families, a force. Soon spending 1.5 trillion a year creating jobs for the company who jump on this opportunity. On the streets of mexico city, we noticed something. That first red truck, that bimbo bear, with the thumb's up, they're everywhere. And how many stops in one day for one truck? 30 stops in one day alone. Tonight here's why american companies here at home should take note. At that factory in mexico city, they can't keep up with demand in america. Hispanic americans back in the u.S. Who want their products. And when they first started selling to the u.S., How many plants did they have in america? None. Zero. We shipped everything from mexico. Reporter: Today how many plants do you have in the u.S. Op 80. Reporter:80 plants catering to hispanic america. They take us inside their mexico city lab, where they have the chips that taste like quack moley. And she's testing them. Some of them already made by american workers in the u.S. Reporter:31 years. On this day, I join them. Pretty good. And if they figured out the buying power of hispanic america, what about american companies? We're back over the border driving through california, to death valley, to victorville, where the dr. Pepper snappel group is inside this factory making something else. I can smell it soon as I walk in. They're make blg clam ato juice, they've been selling it to mexico for years. We saw it everywhere, inside this walmart, in mexico city, right there on the shelf. So the made in america label carries weight? A lot of weight. It's very important. Reporter: Even drinks and food made with clam ato. The idea of clam ato was invented in the united states? Yes. Reporter: But it's more popular in mexico? Yes. Reporter: She puts me to work. Tonight selling in mexico, selling to hispanic america too. But now, the test. How did it taste? it's spicy. Reporter: And one more iconic american brand we found in this roller bag. The iconic mary kay lady has arrived in mexico. How often do you tell your clients that it's made in america? You always tell them. Even the fragrances tweaked. Popular? Sy, popular. After us, one small change, that mary day bag. We jwent shopping before we came on the air tonight. We found these on the shelves in new york. Tomato cocktail. They are marketing to hispanic americans. This is the secret to creating jobs selling to hispanic americans. These are hot. Two minutes in the commercial break.

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{"id":19179961,"title":"Companies Look at the Hispanic American Consumer","duration":"3:16","description":"\"Made in America\" series looks at the products businesses are making for the growing demographic.","url":"/WNT/video/companies-hispanic-american-consumer-19179961","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}