Concerns Over Ebola Case in New York

Physician who served with Doctors Without Borders in West Africa hospitalized with Ebola.
2:46 | 10/24/14

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Transcript for Concerns Over Ebola Case in New York
Breaking headline right here in New York City a young American doctor back from Africa raced to a New York hospital. And tonight it is confirmed a new case of Ebola. This was religion race today that I cautioned that position can be aid group Doctors Without Borders to the hospital for tests. Doctor Craig Spencer recently returned from West Africa alerting authorities to his stomach problems and his fever. And late today first responders seen leaving that doctor's home wearing surgical masks. Doctor vests are standing by he's right here tonight the first ABC's Lindsay Davis leading us off. Inside this ambulance rushing to Bellevue hospital tonight. 33 year old Craig Spencer the Doctors Without Borders physician suffering from a fever and gastrointestinal symptoms. A confirmed case of Ebola right in the heart of New York City. Doctor Spencer had been in Guinea one of three hot zone countries. Last Thursday he flew home connecting through Brussels before arriving at New York's JFK airport yet been monitoring his temperature and reported his fever this morning. Today police officers in masks neighbors anxious a local councilman trying to calm fears. Frankly people who never that are scared. And some of them are panicked and fact I had one gentleman who would even shake my hand because he was scared. The Health Department says a team of disease detectives. Immediately began to actively Trace all of the patients context to identify anyone who may be a potential risk. Our understanding is very few people were in direct contact with him. In recent days Bellevue hospital has been holding drills. It's possible people patient comes through their door tonight. Planners going in that motion. It took only a few hours to determine that Spencer didn't need test positive for it all and meanwhile his fiancee said to be healthy but remains here. Under quarantine David. Lindsay thank you let's get right to ABC's chief medical editor doctor Richard vests are back with us tonight we now have confirmation is Ebola and Richmond people see this headline. New York City more than eight million people we all take the subway coming conduct with a lot of people. I would put some fear to rest here. Well it's important to remember even in such a credit city you only get a bully if you contact with the patient's body fluids and this is a doctor we expect that he contacted in reached out for help. With the early symptoms fever before he could spread the infection at the earliest warning signs that I think everyone at home back to that map tonight. The four hospitals across America that specialize in this state trained for Ebola. He was brought to a different hospital here in New York for Ritchie were telling you saw some encouraging signs I I did you know even from the beginning here the imminence workers who picked him up there were fully suited in full gear so there there be no exposure this CDC team will be coming in the work with the city to decide. Do they keep an entry in here in New York for send him to one of those other hospitals.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Physician who served with Doctors Without Borders in West Africa hospitalized with Ebola.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"26414491","title":"Concerns Over Ebola Case in New York","url":"/WNT/video/concerns-ebola-case-york-26414491"}