Connecticut Fire: Girls, Grandparents Die

Mom and boyfriend only ones to escape fire in multi-million dollar home.
3:00 | 12/26/11

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Transcript for Connecticut Fire: Girls, Grandparents Die
Now we turn to a story that just struck us all with hard today early Christmas morning a multi million dollar house engulfed in flames. So fast that a mother climbed on the roof. Trying to save her three little girls and her parents trapped inside but she could not. ABC's Linda Davis now with lessons for all months. Today firefighters knocked down the charred remains of the home where five family members died on Christmas Day. Neighbors creating a small memorial to the three girls. A ten year old seven year old twins. And their grandmother and grandfather -- here is Santa in went up fast and we don't have a reason -- It was a very big -- neighbors heard their mother Madonna badger yelling for help around 5 in the morning I heard it saved my whole life so there. Neighbors say she climbed onto the roof trying to reach her children's bedrooms. Firefighters couldn't get to them either why weren't -- able to get into the kids. -- -- -- -- By the time they are on -- of going down here. They did everything they could. Badger is a former ad executive known for the Marky Mark Calvin Klein -- She and a male friend a contractor doing renovations on the house -- the only survivors. The fire officials are not blaming the renovations for the fire. Badgers parents who also -- we're staying with them for the holidays her father -- Johnson worked at Saks Fifth Avenue as a Santa Claus. A job he said he enjoyed more than any other. This is that peak season for house fires which killed more than 2500. People last year. You have to have a working smoke detector or some type alarm system in your house so that you're gonna get that early morning. So that you can get out. Fire officials warn you really only have three minutes to get out of a burning house so they say -- -- must have a plan of escape and practice it. Stay on your hands and knees if there's smoke but not on your bellies and some toxic smoke hugs the floor. Have wrote letters for homes with the second floor and be sure to have a designated meeting place. The cause of the fire is expected to be released tomorrow fire officials have not said if -- had operational smoke detectors inside her house Diane system unimaginable when -- thank you so much.

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{"id":15236370,"title":"Connecticut Fire: Girls, Grandparents Die","duration":"3:00","description":"Mom and boyfriend only ones to escape fire in multi-million dollar home.","url":"/WNT/video/connecticut-fire-girls-grandparents-die-15236370","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}