Connecticut Shooting: Survivors Offer Firsthand Accounts of Tragedy

Dan Harris discusses the day's violent events with those who lived through it.
3:06 | 12/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Connecticut Shooting: Survivors Offer Firsthand Accounts of Tragedy
The tragedy at the elementary school in newtown, connecticut. We learned of gunman opening fire with small children in the crossfire. Families desperate for news of their children. Some learning that they will be grieving, others in relief and joy. Abc's dan harris spent the day with survivors. Dan? Diane, we spent all day here at what was in many ways, the emotional epicenter of this story. The volunteer firehouse right down the street from the school where we watched many families holding tearful reunions with their children and also families who weren't so lucky. All day long here at the firehouse where the students were kept safe after the shooting, an urgent parade of parents coming to pick up their children. This is 8-year-old alexis wasik and her mother. You were in there? What happened? We heard like an ambulance and a police officer come and everybody was a little scared, crying and I felt actually a little sick. Thought I was going to throw up. Were kids crying and screaming? Yes. Kids were crying, not really screaming, but they were all huddling together and felt so sick. Reporter: Her mom said when he arrived at the firehouse, alexis was with her father. He had her in his arms and were crying and she just goes, momma, I'm okay, I'm here. Reporter: Another mom whose kids go to a nearby school told us she was putting off picking them up because shy didn't want to tell them about the horror here. This is the last few hours of their life that they're going to be a kid. Reporter: We don't know much about the victims yet. There are the reports about the principal, dawn hochsprung, being among those who were shot. You can tell she loved her job, she loved the kids. Sandy hook was a safe school. Just monday she tweeted this urch beat message about kindergartner making their own shopping list and paying the cashier at a local supermarket. Only three victims were brought to the local hospital. Two of them died. A number of us imagined what it must have felt like on 9/11 when there were people braces for scores of injured and they didn't arrive. All day long the sight of ambulances, lights not flashing. Even more sad, the knowledge that so many families who showed up to pick up their children could not be re-united. A fact that is not lost on alexis's mother. You count your blessings every day. Reporter: I'm really glad you're okay, alexis. You're prett tough. Adding to the shock, this place is such an unlikely venue for violence, I a classic, small, sleepy southern new england town, where tonight they're following another part of the all too familiar script after these mass shootings, they're coming together to hold candle light vigils.

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{"id":17979241,"title":"Connecticut Shooting: Survivors Offer Firsthand Accounts of Tragedy","duration":"3:06","description":"Dan Harris discusses the day's violent events with those who lived through it.","url":"/WNT/video/connecticut-shooting-survivors-offer-firsthand-accounts-tragedy-17979241","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}