Connecticut Shooting Tragedy: Two Brothers' Escape

The story of two brave brothers and how they escaped to safety.
2:47 | 12/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Connecticut Shooting Tragedy: Two Brothers' Escape
another child's eye view, we hear from the children inside that school, and this evening it's 9-year-old ethan and 9-year-old ben, twins brothers, in different parts of the school when the shots rang out. Everyone thought that it was an animal. When we heard gunshots, we all huddled into my teacher's office. Everybody was quiet. When the policeman came in to get us, he told us to close our eyes and do this. And run. And just go out. When I went to the fire department, when I didn't see ethan, I was like, oh, my god, what happened to my brother? Is he okay? When I finally found ethan, i was very, very relieved and we stuck together. As you can see there from their story, they put their hands on their shoulders. Their teachers and school staff did all of the right things here. Sandy hook elementary school is ranked as one of the best schools in the country. It leads the question if it can happen here, what can it be done to stop it from happening at this school and every other school across the country? Reporter: The newton school district decided to spend 10 times more on security training for staff this year according to budget documents. Measures that did not prevent an unthinkable attack but training that may have limited the damage. We practiced it, and they knew what to do, and you just think about protecting the kids, and just doing the right thing. Reporter: Clerk mary ann jacob says she had been drilled to send the kids in the library to a back closet between bookshelves, an emergency plan developed in advance. You have to have a certain amount of fire drills, and evacuation drills, and a certain amount of lockdown drills, so the kids know the routine, and the teachers know the routine, and everyone has a spot in the room where they are supposed to go. Reporter: New to the plan this year at sandy hook elementary a letter to parents telling them no more open campus, even for them. Installation of a security camera above the front entry door. Picture i.D. If you are not recognized. Security measures recommended for all schools and used nationwide as the gold standard in safety. Sounds as though the school had security measures at the door, that they had staff that we were trained with lock-down procedures, and in some cases, staff who stepped in front of a bullet perhaps to protect a child's life. We can do our best to prevent incidents, we have to do our best to be prepared to manage those incidents. Unfortunately, tragedies still occur. Safety experts say that this is not the week for parents to be frightened for sending their kids back to school. Every school in the country will be looking at their security plans this week. It's the future they need to worry about.

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{"id":17987724,"title":"Connecticut Shooting Tragedy: Two Brothers' Escape ","duration":"2:47","description":"The story of two brave brothers and how they escaped to safety.","url":"/WNT/video/connecticut-shooting-tragedy-brothers-escape-17987724","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}