Conrad Murray Sentencing: Judge Lashes Out

Judge sentences Michael Jackson's doctor to four years in prison.
2:16 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for Conrad Murray Sentencing: Judge Lashes Out
Judge in Los Angeles erupted in. Anger today doctors who compromise their obligation to patients even rich and famous patients with serious problems. The judge in the Michael Jackson case sentenced Doctor Conrad Murray to four years behind bars for his role in Jackson's death. And blasted him as a disgrace to Madison. ABC's Jim model has covered this case from the beginning. Thank you. Conrad Murray leading court for nearly two years in Los Angeles County Jail. Blows kisses to his mother and girlfriend but he had none for the judge who -- just sentenced him to the maximum for killing Michael Jackson. The judges. I said it was openly hostile. Judge Michael passed door became the story today doctor's -- -- jumping Conrad Murray's plea for probation. And instead sentencing Michael Jackson's former doctor -- in today's booking photo to four years no electronic monitoring -- house arrest. A judgment that because of jail overcrowding is automatically cut in half. But because of the harsh tone in which that sentence was dealt. Doctor Murray created. A set of circumstances. And became involved. In a cycle. Horrible. Medicine. Judge pastor called Conrad Murray a disgrace to the medical profession. Who performed a medical experiment on Michael Jackson that killed his patient and even with his medical license taken away remains a danger to society. Especially since he refuses to accept any responsibility. For -- action. -- -- talk about blaming the victim. Not only isn't there any remorse. There's -- and outraged. The Jackson family on hand as they work throughout the trial thanked the judge for handing down this statistic cents. But said it was not enough yeah. We'll bring him back but at least -- But Jackson's children were not in court today but they were heard from. Quoted as saying that they lost their father their best friend and their playmate. And a final poignant story from Jackson's daughter Paris who was quoted as saying at the hospital where she watched their father slip away. I just want to go with.

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{"id":15051741,"title":"Conrad Murray Sentencing: Judge Lashes Out","duration":"2:16","description":"Judge sentences Michael Jackson's doctor to four years in prison.","url":"/WNT/video/conrad-murray-sentencing-judge-lashes-15051741","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}