Consumers Upset Over UPS Holiday Shipping Delays

Surge in online shopping may have been the reason some shoppers didn't get their gifts on time.
3:00 | 12/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Consumers Upset Over UPS Holiday Shipping Delays
On this day after christmas some big questions for shipping giant ups. Thousands of families across the country who ordered gifts more than a week ago still asking where are they? The men and women in overdrive, left explaining how this happened. Major retailers pulled into this, too. They, too, promised ups would get those gifts under the tree in time. They're offering ways to make it up to you. So many of you at home giving us an earful, lucky to have to be with family on christmas but saying it would have been nice to hand them something. Alex perez on what ups is now saying. Reporter: It's the christmas headache shoppers weren't expecting, customers counting on ups to deliver packages on time but ending up with delayed notices instead of gifts. Ironically our items are sitting in pennsylvania. Ups made my naughty list this year. Reporter: Ups and fedex which also saw delays say the problems were caused by a perfect storm, bad weather and a shorter delivery season, both spent the day apologizing to customers, saying they expect to deliver all the delayed packages today and fedex saying every single package is important to us. The pressure getting to those delivery people, too. One ups driver who has been at the job for 27 years said this has been the worst christmas ever. Ups refuses to say how many packages were affected but finding outrage wasn't hard. The sister of one of our own abc producers paid extra to have live lobster delivered from maine for christmas eve dinner in chicago. The package showed up today, two days late. You got them today, two days after you were supposed to get them. Christmas eve dinner is gone. Christmas day dinner is gone. I don't think we'll be replying on ups next year. Reporter: It's that kiennd of backlash that worries will linger. It will have an market on what shoppers will do in future seasons. Will they stay home or go into the store where they know they walk out with the inventory. Reporter: Companies are scrambling to make good on promises, amazon refunding shipping fees and throwing in $20 gift cards. Kohl's and walmart dishing out gift cards. Reporter: There are still customers coming in here trying to find their packages.

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{"id":21343183,"title":"Consumers Upset Over UPS Holiday Shipping Delays","duration":"3:00","description":"Surge in online shopping may have been the reason some shoppers didn't get their gifts on time.","url":"/WNT/video/consumers-upset-ups-holiday-shipping-delays-21343183","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}