Costa Allegra Reaches Port After 7 Days

Cruise ship arrives in Seychelles following a week adrift in Indian Ocean.
1:28 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for Costa Allegra Reaches Port After 7 Days
That disabled cruise ship the Costa Allegra finally reached port today after several harrowing days adrift at sea and for the first time. We heard but it was like on board and was not pretty. ABC's Jeffrey Kaufmann was in the say shells from the passengers arrived. Are welcome end to three ruling days at sea for a thousand passengers and crew. From Gorton and Eleanor Brad well of Athens Georgia. The ordeal began when the ship's alarm sounded as they ate lunch Monday there was a good bit of -- national and confusion. They've begun to lower the boats. What we didn't know until today it was just how terrifying it was aboard the Costa Allegra during those initial hours went higher rates below deck. And the captain gave orders to abandon ship. It could have been a disaster have been home mortgage that -- had gotten out of control. We -- away from hill with. Power knocked out -- -- temperatures soared to an unbearable hundred degrees sewage backed up in the toilet. Most slept under the stars. We were very hot and the sewage was very -- and -- that we just right now we're just delighted that they are fish out of. Hello sir off. What the Brad -- want most now a shower would you go cruising again -- crew as they acknowledge how will not grizzled cops. -- now this is a trip they can tell the grandkids about. Jeffrey -- ABC news -- Victoria sea shells.

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{"id":15829602,"title":"Costa Allegra Reaches Port After 7 Days","duration":"1:28","description":"Cruise ship arrives in Seychelles following a week adrift in Indian Ocean.","url":"/WNT/video/costa-allegra-reaches-port-days-15829602","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}