Couple's honeymoon cruise turns into a medical nightmare

Experts warn to make sure to have proper medical accessibility in case of serious event.
1:21 | 02/25/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Couple's honeymoon cruise turns into a medical nightmare
Back now with a warning after a couple on their honeymoon cruise are faced with a serious medical emergency. Here's ABC's Marci Gonzalez. Reporter: Tonight this couple couples' warning after they say their honeymoon cruise turned into a medical emergency. It was an absolute complete nightmare. Reporter: Danielle and brant Aymond were out on an excursion in Honduras when he sliced open his foot on coral. It was cut to the bone. My immediate reaction was that we were a long way from home. Reporter: The couple, rushing back to the Norwegian pearl cruise ship, brant ss a cruise ship doctor stitched up his foot and told him he would be okay. But once back on land he says he developed a major infection, doctors finding pieces of coral still in his foot. I'm very happy he didn't lose his foot. Reporter: Norwegian cruiselines not commenting on this case, but saying their on-board medical facilities are built, staffed, and equipped to meet or exceed the guidelines. Before booking any cruise, experts say ask for the ship doctor's certifications, the size of the medical staff, and research where the nearest hospitals are to your ports of call. You want to make sure it's a hospital that has been vetted and accepts your insurance and has that level of care you would expect here at home. If you get injured or something, you've got to have another plan other than relying on the ship's medical staff. Reporter: Experts recommend getting travel medical insurance but stress it is essential to shop around and read the fine print.

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{"duration":"1:21","description":"Experts warn to make sure to have proper medical accessibility in case of serious event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"53335019","title":"Couple's honeymoon cruise turns into a medical nightmare","url":"/WNT/video/couples-honeymoon-cruise-turns-medical-nightmare-53335019"}