Courageous Moments Amid Boston Marathon Bombs

Emotional stories of victims and bystanders who rushed in to help.
2:11 | 04/16/13

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Transcript for Courageous Moments Amid Boston Marathon Bombs
As we said yesterday there were so many runners. Runners in the marathon than those who had to run away from the blast. And in bravery. Those who ran directly into harm's way to try to help. Here's ABC's Josh Elliott. As a race's finish became. Blood soaked chaos. Responders struggle to triage the wounded. Runners rushed to help severely injured. And among the worst off. 33 year old GP Norton. And it's 31 year old brother Paul the first explosion killed that eight year old boy who was standing right next to them. The Brothers trying to -- their brands also took the brunt a couple of their mother Liz describing to me her son's phone call in and ABC news exclusive this yeah. They both would require amputations of a -- just below the knee. Paul's right leg and JP's left. I was struck by the first question to -- fast they just keep asking about each other. And they -- And then ask again they pride and and it just eighteen cents to know that lake ones to blame Abiola he knows in his -- unjust. They cover breaking. And in those same stands heroes to. Carlos -- Redondo watching the race one moment and in the next rushing to comfort a man whose legs had also been severed -- speaking to him. Trying to UConn for trying to -- -- leading into next Erin -- bill was at the finish line handing out flags to runners. As a tribute to his fallen military sons. The tragic stain of yesterday's events still evident on that flag he clutches today not only help an -- -- -- by you know I order my son the night and I remember my sons and so these two stories told his one. Bear witness to the senselessness. And the strength. Glimpsed in the crucible of Monday's chaos Josh Elliott ABC news Boston.

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{"id":18973655,"title":"Courageous Moments Amid Boston Marathon Bombs","duration":"2:11","description":"Emotional stories of victims and bystanders who rushed in to help.","url":"/WNT/video/courageous-moments-amid-boston-marathon-bombs-18973655","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}