COVID-19 cases top 75,000 for 2nd straight day

Michigan said hospital admissions have increased more than 30% over the past week.
3:27 | 04/09/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for COVID-19 cases top 75,000 for 2nd straight day
Back here at home this evening in the corona virus pandemic in this country and the alarming new numbers tonight the Dili case count. Now topping 75000. New cases two days in a row now. And authorities say they are now seeing more cases than ever among the young in this country. Also tonight Pfizer is now asking to extend the emergency use authorization of its vaccine children ages twelve to fifteen. Allstate also now bracing for a dramatic drop in their supply at the Johnson & Johnson one shot back seat next week. It across the country tonight the numbers 113 1743000. Have received at least one dose that's 44%. Of all adults now. ABC's which Johnson in New York. Tonight with new Kobe cases topping 75002. Days in a row the federal government promising to surge resources to growing hot spots. States like Michigan were hospital admissions have jumped more than 30% over the past week. This Michigan and the midwest today. And tomorrow or next week it could be the northeast or the south or another part of our country. The governor pleading for more vaccines to fight back against the variants the Biden administration said in response teams and testing supplies but no extra doses when we should be doing right now in places like Michigan as we should be surging past. Surging vaccinations. Helping those states get over this. Many states already bracing for a plunge in doses of the Johnson and Johnson's single shot vaccine by nearly 85%. Next week. But federal officials say despite inconsistent distribution they still expect the company to meet its goal Johnson & Johnson is also reiterated. Its commitment. To provide at or near a hundred million vaccine doses. I ended may. And tonight after a temporary pause and a handful of vaccination sites from Colorado to North Carolina following reports of a small number of mild adverse reactions. The CDC finding no safety issues related to the J&J vaccine. And now there's new hope that younger teens could start getting vaccinated before fall. Today Pfizer asking the FDA to extend authorization of its vaccine for twelve to fifteen year olds. After the company reported it was safe and what 100% effective. Right now called in nineteen vaccines are being offered to most folks over sixteen or eighteen. But that means the vast majority of children are not eligible for a vaccine yet children need to be careful 82 where they are mask socially. The CDC tracking clusters of cases tied to youth sports. The virus hitting high school basketball players that Darius and Illinois though it's not clear where he got infected at. Really important keep in mind as we move forward on this and with we've been reporting here on that human error that mix up of ingredients at a Baltimore plant. Up making the Johnson & Johnson one shot vaccine dose dose is never went out. But tonight there's actually new reporting that more doses of the vaccine could actually be in jeopardy as well. David after millions of doses were reportedly ruined the New York Times now says another 62 million unfinished doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are now in question. Until it can be determined whether they are also contaminated they have not been shipped out yet and that plant is still awaiting FDA authorization before it can deliver any doses David all right with Johnson on the virus tonight we thank you.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Michigan said hospital admissions have increased more than 30% over the past week. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"76984113","title":"COVID-19 cases top 75,000 for 2nd straight day","url":"/WNT/video/covid-19-cases-top-75000-2nd-straight-day-76984113"}