Craigslist Sting

Millions searching Craigslist for a bargain could be buying stolen goods.
1:58 | 10/30/11

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Transcript for Craigslist Sting
Millions of Americans in search of a bargain looked at Craigslist a popular classified ads website. But it turns out some of those items could be stolen from your neighbor's house and tonight one mom and dad joined police. -- after the -- here's ABC's Neal Karlinsky. Inside this cramped office at the Portland police department the shopping spree never ran. The community what the price on that -- responding to ads on Craig's list but they're really only shopping for one thing. Bad guys unloading stolen merchandise that was sort of look and wears everything going prince was purchased Craig's list -- the new -- This stings work like this at least -- the seller map out a place to do the body and warned victims. Not to get involved and under no circumstances. -- -- -- anybody text. Right now they've got a meeting with a seller rebut top of the line mountain bike they suspect is stolen and they're about to do the sting. The seller arrives with the fight but they don't let on right away first they make sure it's really he's stolen bike Roger were coming. It is but detectives can't prove that he'd actually stolen. So they confiscate the -- and after a tough grilling they cut him loose. Come on they're letting you off we can be honest here are these guys none of them think you didn't know you were dealing in stolen by the floods I had bought -- better homes and numbers. And then. And -- -- insisted that -- do. Detective Steve Anderson -- man and -- say -- unit grew out of an overwhelming demand. Case in point -- ferociously driven pair of new parents victims of a stolen -- beast roller who set up the road meeting with a suspected thief. Even went so -- to take this video on their cell phone. -- shortly right here this -- -- baby -- police are still on the case it's sort. -- Karlinsky ABC news in Portland Oregon.

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{"id":14847241,"title":"Craigslist Sting","duration":"1:58","description":"Millions searching Craigslist for a bargain could be buying stolen goods.","url":"/WNT/video/craigslist-bargains-shopping-stolen-fencing-sting-police-14847241","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}