Credit Card Fraud at Supermarket Checkout?

Secret Service joins investigation on cloning scam targeting consumers.
1:52 | 12/10/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Credit Card Fraud at Supermarket Checkout?
The Secret Service tonight has joined the investigation of a new scam targeting shoppers. Who use those new self service check out lanes at the supermarket. And the number of victims is surging. ABC's David Wright is our consumer watchdog tonight. More than 500. Unlucky customers of this California supermarket chain. And their ATM cards -- without -- cards ever leaving their hands. Customers unwittingly handed over their own bank account details when they swiped their cards at the self check out to voters. Previously it was happening at mom and pop shops -- the fact that it's happening on a wide scale on such a big chain store. It's very alarming. Police and the Secret Service -- machines at 24 stores were compromised. Identity theft on an industrial scale. How's it work that the -- install a second credit card reader -- -- -- that records all the same data that's being sent to the bank. Simple swipe is all it takes -- the only missing link is your pin number easily captured using a pinhole camera. This is actual footage his pin number 1426. Security experts say there is an easy fix to this in Europe every ATM card has to have. This little chip on making it much more difficult to -- In this country the banks have resisted that change because then they'd have to retrofit all these machines. Until they do buyer beware even if the -- never leaves your site. Experts say the only way to be certain you're safe is to pore over your statement at the end of the month. Makes you or someone else isn't quietly helping themselves. David Wright ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"Secret Service joins investigation on cloning scam targeting consumers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15126065","title":"Credit Card Fraud at Supermarket Checkout?","url":"/WNT/video/credit-card-fraud-supermarket-checkout-15126065"}