Crisis Between the US and Pakistan

U.S. diplomats try to save relations after NATO Assault in Pakistan.
2:14 | 11/27/11

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Transcript for Crisis Between the US and Pakistan
And to escalating tension between US and its troubled ally Pakistan tonight -- was ordering an investigation into the deaths of Pakistani soldiers in -- NATO air assault. Pakistan claimed it was unprovoked but to -- new questions about what really happened about who shot first. ABC's David -- is in Washington. Pakistani anger. Ford under the streets today the death of 24 soldiers and devastatingly painful blow. Those men were buried today another insult to Pakistan's psyche the relationship now I believe -- -- -- It appears now to be as close as we've seen two a real break in relations. It was 2 o'clock Saturday morning as US special forces and Afghan commandos were set to raided Taliban camp along the border suddenly they city came under fire. Afghan sources tell ABC news an air strike was called in which hit the Pakistan border post this isn't the first time insurgent fire has come from a spot very close to a Pakistan border posts. The number two American general recently charged some Pakistani soldiers are even helping the Taliban. I think the collaboration is at least in some cases. Local collaboration with the insurgents. In retaliation for this latest incident Pakistan close to border crossings which the US uses to resupply troops in Afghanistan. And demanded that the US vacate an airbase which is sometimes used to service CIA drones. But with the killing of Osama bin Laden on Pakistani soil and now this. The relationship between the two countries is close to rupturing. We -- Pakistan. Because we are concerned about. Ultimately disposition -- particular weapons we needed in order to have any chance of -- success in Afghanistan. Sensitive issue is so sensitive ABC news has learned that the head of cent com which is -- can in control of that area of US military in that region. Tomorrow he will order an investigation. Independent of NATO's effort. And here at the White House officials are only telling us that the president continues to monitor the situation. -- as expected David Curley at the White House tonight David thank you.

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{"id":15037226,"title":"Crisis Between the US and Pakistan","duration":"2:14","description":"U.S. diplomats try to save relations after NATO Assault in Pakistan. ","url":"/WNT/video/crisis-us-pakistan-diplomats-try-to-save-relations-nato-assault-international-politics-15037226","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}