Cruise Ship Wreck: More on the Captain

New information on Francesco Schettino, as well as those who didn't escape.
3:25 | 01/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cruise Ship Wreck: More on the Captain
Capsized carnival cruise liner today this image emerged from Digital Globe the crippled vessel as seen from space. And down below the search crews were commanded to stand down as the boat shifted the mission deemed too dangerous. But not before bringing back -- new video of the harrowing elaborate -- those waters. And ABC's Chris Cuomo is in the port of Santo Stefano tonight Chris. Diane we have new video tonight showing how difficult it is to searched the -- to -- Cordelia and why it's taking so long. We also have new information about what captain Francesca was pitino was doing before and after the collision. That may have him -- even deeper water. This is a first look at -- search and rescue teams are dealing. Wading through waist deep water in the dark Italian Alpine rescue teams who train for caves in grottoes. Maneuver through once pristine dining rooms now -- -- of dangling chandeliers and furniture and all types of dangerous debris. Every time the shipment to -- -- passage ways will be blocked divers crushed by falling objects. Wasn't this diver confirms the dark reality admission is now to recover not risk. So focused this -- or rear of the ship with a sinking began with five bodies house. -- -- the water this search is on for answers the captain admitted making a mistake in steering too close to the island he says the route was planned. And there's new evidence from those contraction of routes that passing this close to the island was routine for this cruise ship how could the company not know back -- -- this life. The vessel probably came within spitting distance of the rock that -- hit the captain also reportedly told the judge he was at the Helm when the collision occurred. But several crew members told us he was at dinner at the time you -- captain eating at about 930 at night. But that time. Then the critical question of what he did during the evacuation after first saying the collision threw him into the water the captain now says he tripped and fell into a lifeboat. While saving others after surrendering his own life jacket. The captains at home tonight but he may not be -- for long charges are expected against as many as three of his officers for negligence in the operation of the ship and evacuation. The captain may soon share the same fate especially with a story that has holes as big. As those in the coast -- -- cornea. And thank you Chris Cuomo and on them. Friday night we want you to know Chris will be co anchoring a special 201020. Called cruise ship confidential. With a look at this tragedy and what you need to know. Before you take a cruise and something we learned today about a passenger on the ship something that reminds us of nobility and a dark hour. Meet 38 year old -- door for -- A violinist from hungry listen to his music for a moment. He posted that video online while he was looking for a job as a music teacher he later became an entertainer. Onboard the ship. And were told that in the chaos he was heroically putting life -- on the frightened children. Only afterwards going to his room to try to save his beloved violin but he did not return. And today his was the first body to be identified.

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{"id":15389591,"title":"Cruise Ship Wreck: More on the Captain","duration":"3:25","description":"New information on Francesco Schettino, as well as those who didn't escape.","url":"/WNT/video/cruise-ship-wreck-captain-15389591","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}