Cruise Ship Wreck: New Details on Captain

Exchange between ship captain and port official before wreck under question.
3:48 | 01/17/12

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Transcript for Cruise Ship Wreck: New Details on Captain
100 rescue divers are risking their lives to scour that crippled carnival cruise ship hoping for a survivor to call out and the dark of night. And their -- to be one image that is the most haunting for them this one the unused life boats still attached to the ship. And what about the captain a firestorm today is tapes emerged showing that captain seeming to be safe in his lifeboat. While ignoring orders from the Coast Guard to go back to the sinking ship. ABC's Chris Cuomo was on the ground in Rome tonight he has the tapes and new reporting on the captain and what he did Chris. -- the death toll stands at eleven and is expected to rise captain Francisco's -- was in court today placed under house arrest pending new charges now new information out today about the captain's actions the night of the crash. Will not help his cause. Today we learn more about why chaos overtook the decks of the coast to -- Cordelia. The startling audio tape of the conversation between the Italian Coast Guard and captain Francisco's Cuttino reveals the captain sitting safely on a rescue boat. While the rest of the doomed ship's crew and passengers were struggling to escape. The official demands. You go on board the ship could you tell me if your children women people that need assistance looks -- you -- you may have saved yourself in the seat. Would you put yourself through a lot of trouble with -- very bad for you. Get back on who work. Pitino the veteran captain always popular among passengers is seen here being cheered in happier times. Now with the ship going down he has no good answers. Officer please. Back there are -- pleads -- give back on board the official tells -- know just how serious the situation has become. There are already bodies -- -- Or how many bodies northern. I don't know I do about one occurred about one -- must helmet but it doesn't realize it's dark out here and we can't see anything. Other. You wanna do you want to go home it's dark -- want to go home. The captain's final explanation seems. Unlikely. What government can no longer get on board now that ship has sunk completely says the captain. A hundred people still -- would you abandon ship. I did not abandon -- ship to ship was sinking so we jumped in the water. We'll clarify later what actually happened for now tell me everything that goes on every -- But the captain never returned aboard the vessel working -- desperately needed says passenger Karen boys. Mass hysteria and you could see the crew members panicky you news there was. No leadership on the boat. She and -- -- are appalled by the captains apparent escape. -- -- -- I mean where we're fighting for our lives he's more concerned about himself his boss would -- of the -- not leave the -- first. Tonight at an airport hotel in Rome surviving crew members told me to captain was eating dinner when the ship ran aground all crew member. -- we can put announcement. From the region say. The test but as seen in this video -- -- -- -- One of the first announcements described the problem as an electrical failure by the time the evacuation order came the captain was long gone. During the evacuation did you see the captain. Not did you hear him -- not. Any announcements from him now. They're all so lucky to get off that ship Diane but the crew members tell -- even though they were safe from the ship they're now still stranded here enrollment so many left all of their travel documents their cash even their clothes. On board so they say they're waiting for the cruise company to compensate them. And send them home this is still very far from over.

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{"id":15381876,"title":"Cruise Ship Wreck: New Details on Captain","duration":"3:48","description":"Exchange between ship captain and port official before wreck under question.","url":"/WNT/video/cruise-ship-wreck-details-captain-15381876","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}