Cruise Ship Wreck: Who Is Mystery Woman?

Woman who accompanied Captain Francesco Schettino could shed light on disaster.
2:35 | 01/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cruise Ship Wreck: Who Is Mystery Woman?
To the new clues about what really happened -- that cruise ship ran aground off the coast of Italy another recording a new recording from the moment of crisis. And who wants the mystery woman with a captain Matt night ABC's Chris Cuomo on the scene in Italy again for -- Chris. Diane we've learned captain Francisco's -- has been suspended by coast to cruise lines that the company will not provide a defense for him. We also have new information about the delay in ordering an evacuation of the ship. And there is now a woman who may be at the heart of the story. Her name is Dominic that your -- and 25 year old from Moldova. On the fateful night she was seen dining with the captain later with him on the ship's bridge when the accident happened. Crew members we spoke with recognize her you know the girl have you seen them together before Iceland -- -- hospice. In an interview she defended the captain saying after the ship ran aground he took charge telling officers to prepare to abandon ship and to take care of children and the disabled. Explored in that -- a -- but -- that he did a great thing I saved over 3000 lives by steering the ship towards shore. -- -- -- -- -- And I know you yeah. But what she doesn't answer is why that call to evacuate came so late. At 10:12 PM a full forty minutes after the ship ran aground a port official radio is one of the officers of the ship. Liver problems on board. They should response yes affirmative we have a -- and -- it wasn't until a full 68 minutes after the crash that the evacuation began. The judge blasted the captain and crew saying the grave in prudence and incompetence is -- and indisputable. Today the rock embedded in the coast of -- corneas hall is a reminder of how this tragedy began. Rescuers today scaled the side searching for the missing in a desperate race against the company still lives. Authorities worry storm waves could push the unstable ship into deeper water. And it may become swallowed by the sea for those waiting for word about the missing the next 24 hours could be ten Stan. Well Chris we want everyone to -- -- tomorrow night you will have an anchor and special 20/20. Cruise ship confidential. All the new details on this ongoing drama and what you need to know before you take a cruise.

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{"id":15398705,"title":"Cruise Ship Wreck: Who Is Mystery Woman?","duration":"2:35","description":"Woman who accompanied Captain Francesco Schettino could shed light on disaster.","url":"/WNT/video/cruise-ship-wreck-mystery-woman-15398705","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}