Cruise Ships: How Safe Are They?

Lisa Stark talks about the safety of cruise liners after the Tuscan disaster.
2:13 | 01/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cruise Ships: How Safe Are They?
Want to bring in ABC's Lisa stark now she has covered the cruise industry for years and Lisa you know nearly ten million Americans will take a cruise this year. And we wanted to know what this incidents has about their safety tonight. We'll try and one thing is that luckily accidents like this especially very serious ones are rare. But if you are one of those ten million Americans who plans to take a cruise and -- I've done it certainly. There are things you should expect when it comes to your safety. If you -- cruise ship you can expect that every crew member from the cabin -- to the bartender has run through drills like this one. Each has been assigned a role in the event of an evacuation. But nothing happens until the captain gives the order and in the case of Italy we know he -- As a passenger of the law requires that the crew show she -- -- -- evacuate by holding a -- within 24 hours of your boarding up and say most of vessels leaving the rest weren't thrilled before setting sail. On the Italian chip. The drill was scheduled for the next day do you like on -- -- -- life jackets and life -- for everyone -- should all work smoothly. But all of this assumes nearly ideal conditions the current. Requirements. For its -- certification for evacuation. -- seems that the ship is an upright position in debt -- conditions. In Italy was hardly I don't. Chaos panicked passengers reported climbing over each other to get to the -- and pleading with the crew to release the lines. Senior rare but they happen from waves crashing on board fires. Or in this case -- ship's sinking. Luckily after everyone was off. Experts say be prepared. If the ship you need to know -- -- assembly station is unique detect the assembly drills seriously. Now another good idea is to coordinate with your family and friends think -- out of -- -- point and an emergency is likely won't even be at the same part of the ship. And here's a suggestion that really caught my attention bring a flashlight on board even something as little as this. It could prove invaluable in a fire or in darkness number one suggestion you were telling us today Lisa thanks so much.

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{"id":15374029,"title":"Cruise Ships: How Safe Are They?","duration":"2:13","description":"Lisa Stark talks about the safety of cruise liners after the Tuscan disaster. ","url":"/WNT/video/cruise-ships-safe-15374029","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}