Cyber Monday: Antidote to Ailing Economy?

Holiday online bargain shopping boosts stock market and could help create jobs.
3:47 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for Cyber Monday: Antidote to Ailing Economy?
We have all been looking for a white Knight to rescue the American economy and today an army up holiday shoppers came riding in. Some music shopping -- some of the click of a computer mouse. In fact today half of all American adults shopped for bargains online and estimated. One point two billion dollar shattering records giving a vitamin shot to Wall Street. The Dow closing up nearly 300 points so we set out to answer question tonight. Does this signal the start of the comeback for the American economy. And ABC anchor David Muir tackled the question for us again tonight -- Davis. Diana and even tracking these numbers to all day long they're coming in tonight they showed could be a blockbuster Cyber Monday for this country. What estimates sales up 20% over last year and you might be wondering what happens. After you click place order on line tonight we -- here what happens next. Cyber Monday once a -- at the event is now the real deal sales figures sky -- tonight. Shoppers online already breaking records just since Thanksgiving. 816 million dollar spent on mind. -- 26%. Over last year I love Cyber Monday because -- get great deals that he world news viewers from Florida to Texas documented their hunt for bargains from Peggy Kaiser in Midland Texas -- -- -- to -- -- to -- hoarding in Gainesville Florida. Buying for family calling. -- hunt for a digital camera a Sony cyber shot. -- searched three retailers prices ranging from 99 to 124. Dollars -- -- Wal-Mart and the 99 dollar Christ. And one very big difference to. You buy this -- you get more than five dollars -- store credit. -- was a deal hope this doesn't really is priced necessary but I don't ever go ahead and get on from Wal-Mart for her for Christmas now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- our producer on this story -- and Mendez taking a break to looking for her own deal her glasses on read the fine print bind to Kindle fires from Lace my water but we wanted to know what happened after she clicks -- all the way to Phoenix Arizona to find out what -- Amazon dot -- 34 warehouse. The folding portable scanners in the aisles and as soon as you hit send. Item pops up on one other little screens that pulled off the shelf put it in the bin down the conveyor belt it goes to the person who won't -- and label -- For 2 Kendall's order this morning. From the time that the producers. Hit click and -- it's just a mere hours before it's on a truck and sent to -- doorstep. Natalie is for Kindle on the move so is Wall Street why is it so important these final few weeks of the year for retailers across country because -- -- -- -- and profitable. Until they operate primarily in the red meaning how to lots and -- the last few weeks of the year. In fact tonight predicts will blast through the number last year. Fourteen million items ordered in one day alone and those predictions tonight could -- be the beginning of the comeback BC comedy needs. -- this -- be sustained. It's the big question it's all gonna come down to the consumer whether or not the consumer feel confident enough to allow. Keep spending it. No question tonight off to a huge start and we all know -- at retail makes up. Two thirds of this -- so much riding on this continuing even -- -- -- holiday and you're going to be back tomorrow night made in America every turn is back in tomorrow we go back to where all began Diane today. That brief family in Dallas Texas with a simple question every American spends on average 700 dollars and holiday gifts and we wonder how little of that. -- to spend on something made America one gets cold gets just one. To create American jobs you believe the number if -- jumping in on this you'll be asking our. And you end tomorrow night Pinkston.

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{"id":15043584,"title":"Cyber Monday: Antidote to Ailing Economy?","duration":"3:47","description":"Holiday online bargain shopping boosts stock market and could help create jobs.","url":"/WNT/video/cyber-monday-antidote-ailing-economy-15043584","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}