Danger of Falling Trees Lingers After the Storm

Homeowners should look for holes from insects, birds, as well as direction tree may be leaning.
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Transcript for Danger of Falling Trees Lingers After the Storm
After a storm is over, the danger is not. And we're going to show you tonight storm after storm where trees keep falling and, in some cases, people die in their homes. Our david kerley has been reporting and, david, as you told me, it happens even though some people take precautions, tryingcure their trees? Reporter: Even if you take all those precautions, you could still end up like this family, with a tree in the middle of their home. As some say, it's just the price we pay for having large trees around our houses. Treeing falling like dominos. Oh, my god. It hit your car. Reporter: Some with deadly results. We've now learned two boys were salem, new york, when this 100-foot oak fell and killed them instantly. The ground was soft and it just, yoow, the weight of the tree with the wind just took it over. Reporter: The roots of a typical suburban 85-foot tree are only three to four feet below the ground. Three to four inches of rain softens the soil around the roots so those strong winds can easily topple these big trees. And that is two to five tons of wood, a mass weighing more than an elephant, slice you will through a house's framing. And today's common building products and practices can't stop the tree. In fact, there are no building colds pertaining to falling trees. So, what can a homeowner do? Infestation of insects right at the root of the tree. Reporter: Right at the base. They're eating away at it. Arborists say look for homes in trees near your home. And ride out a storm based on where your trees are. If you have a storm coming, take a look up, see which way the tree is leaning, where it might strike and stay away from that part of the house during a storm. Reporter: Advice that could save lives in the next big storm. David kerley, abc news, falls church, virginia.

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{"id":17622425,"title":"Danger of Falling Trees Lingers After the Storm","duration":"3:00","description":"Homeowners should look for holes from insects, birds, as well as direction tree may be leaning.","url":"/WNT/video/danger-falling-trees-lingers-storm-17622425","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}