Dangerous Floods, Hurricane and Landslide Devastate Mexico

Death toll climbs as Hurricane Manuel regained strength and caused major destruction.
1:55 | 09/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dangerous Floods, Hurricane and Landslide Devastate Mexico
thousands and thousands of people including american tourists fighting their way through mud and floods tonight. A giant storm hit the coast of mexico for the second time in the last five days. Abc's ryan owens starts us off with the pummeling force of wind and rain that is called manuel. Reporter: You're looking at a town swallowed by mud. Dozens are missing after hurricane manuel triggered a land slide, devastating this coffee growing village along mexico's pacific coast. Tons of mud and rock smashed right through the town's center burying cars, homes and roads, bridges now lead to nowhere. Look at the mud inside this house. It stopped just short of the shrine. I heard a loud noise and i just stood there this woman says. When I saw it was coming down to the field, I left running. The report city of acapulco can't take much more. Thousands of tourists are stranded, the state department helping them book flights home. But the airport is still under water. Looters roam the streets and so does this, an alligator washed out of a wildlife park. Villagers tied up the beast before anyone was hurt. As many as 80 people are feared dead. Tens of thousands trapped, some forced to the roof in hope of rescue. Others escape packed into the back of a flatbed truck. Though manuel is expected to bring heavy rain to texas this weekend, the u.S. Will largely dodge the storm's wrath. Another close call in an unusually quiet hurricane season. By this time last year, three tropical storms and hurricane isaac had hit the united states. Forecasters warn the season isn't over. They are watching yet another storm forming off the coast of mexico tonight. Ryan owens, abc news, dallas.

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{"id":20312092,"title":"Dangerous Floods, Hurricane and Landslide Devastate Mexico","duration":"1:55","description":"Death toll climbs as Hurricane Manuel regained strength and caused major destruction.","url":"/WNT/video/dangerous-floods-hurricane-landslide-devastate-mexico-20312092","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}