Dangerous Heat Wave Headed to the Southwest

Heat waves kill more Americans than all other natural disasters combined.
1:45 | 06/27/13

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Transcript for Dangerous Heat Wave Headed to the Southwest
Now a kind of all points bulletin for millions of american families about feeling the heat. The dangerous heat moving in across the west and southwest of the country. Did you know that heat kills more americans than all over natural disasters combined? Temperatures climb something high that sidewalks, playgrounds, even the hood of the car can be a hazard. Here's clayton sandell. Reporter: The west is sweating out a summer strike of record-melting heat. The temperatures will soar to 118 degrees in las vegas. 102 in salt lake city. Death valley might hit 129. Authorities are opening emergency schooling centers. I don't have air conditioning at home. Here, it's nice and cool. Reporter: Meteorologist dallas reiaines is with our partner station. We could see temperatures close to the hottest temperatures ever recorded on earth. Reporter: In las vegas, the asphalt could reach 200 degrees. Little leaguers are braving the mercury to play ball. Every five minutes, they tell us to go get water to we don't get overheated. Reporter: In denver, the heat is making for piping hot playgrou playgrounds. The air here in denver is pushing 100 degrees. Measure the surface of this swing -- 162 degrees. You have to be careful. Don't want to go out there barefoot. You want to keep an eye on your children and make sure they're not putting their palms on the ground. Reporter: Today in downtown l.A., The fun to tans were never more popular. And summer is just getting started. Clayton sandell, abc news,

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{"id":19515489,"title":"Dangerous Heat Wave Headed to the Southwest","duration":"1:45","description":"Heat waves kill more Americans than all other natural disasters combined.","url":"/WNT/video/dangerous-heat-wave-headed-southwest-19515489","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}