Dangerous Storms Blanketing the Northeast

Lightning strikes, flash floods, dust storms and high surf threaten our nation.
2:51 | 09/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dangerous Storms Blanketing the Northeast
We begin with severe weather gripping our nation. A weekend of harsh storms and threats from the sky. Take a look at this. The east shaken by lightning. This strike over Boston's fenway park and in the west rain is coming even to drought-stricken Riverside California. What's ahead in the forecast in a moment. But first the newest member of our team rob Marciano has the story. Reporter: Dangerous storms blanketing the northeast. In ipswich, Massachusetts, sent running by several massive bolts of lightning. One of them striking two women who were swimming. They had no heartbeat. Their heart had stopped. Reporter: The women were given C.P.R. At the scene, then rushed to the hospital. Finally got their heartbeats going by the time we arrived at the hospital. It was C.P.R. For probably 20 minutes. We were pretty surprised by the outcome that we did get. Reporter: Amazingly, both women were revived, but remain in critical condition tonight. Another strike sending this Abington, Pennsylvania home up in flames. Downed trees from 60 mile per hour winds and flooded streets stretching across new England in California this road swept away by flash floods. While at the beach in malibu the remnants of hurricane nor Bert creating big waves for surfers. Impact reaching to the southwest. Severe storms and high winds completing overtaking downtown Phoenix. And meteorologist rob joins me. Welcome to "World news." You have had a busy first couple of days. Lots of talk. N Norbert for one thing. A lot of rain from this storm. And the waves through southern California. More rain from the system in through parts of California. Flash flood watches in southern parts of Nevada and coming down all at one time. That creates that flood potential across the southeast. This map highlights from Norfolk back through the Florida panhandle seeing as much as four inches of rainfall. Today we have seen flooding outside of Jacksonville. More rain expected tonight. We see the rain on the map. It's summer. You're about to tell me there's a cold snap on the way. We're in September now. Yeah, it's going to feel drastically different as we go through the next few days. Especially across the northern states. Watch this cold front drop down from Canada. This is unusually cold air. Into the 40s for highs in rapid city, South Dakota. 55 degrees in Minneapolis and over night lows will be close to freezing and we'll see moisture with it and white stuff mixing in. Some snowflakes and some will stick. Chilly out there. A warm welcome to you.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Lightning strikes, flash floods, dust storms and high surf threaten our nation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"25335956","title":"Dangerous Storms Blanketing the Northeast","url":"/WNT/video/dangerous-storms-blanketing-northeast-25335956"}