Dangerous Weather Across the Country

Monster winter storm causes havoc nationwide.
2:26 | 01/31/13

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Transcript for Dangerous Weather Across the Country
We begin tonight with that dangerous goliath of a winter storm. You can see it visible from space in an image released today. This storm has prompted 750 reports of severe weather on the ground. And a lot of drivers are learning the highway can turn into a deadly slick in just seconds. Abc's meteorologist ginger zee takes us to a stretch of american highway that felt it the most. Reporter: Tangled and twisted on a detroit highway. This was the scene along a mile and a half stretch of i-75 today. At least 30 vehicles were involved in the crash. Three people were killed, including two children believed to be siblings. The culprit? Whiteout conditions from a single band of snow. Only 15 minutes. That's all it takes. Reporter: This is what it looked like inside that blinding whiteout. It's called lake effect snow. And it was created as cold air and wind passed over the warmer waters of lake michigan. Lake effect snow squalls are notorious for changing conditions quickly. You can be driving along with perfect visibility the seconds -- you can't see anything at all. Fierce winds whipped up snow along indiana highways today, too. 40 cars piled up on i-70. This is part of that same system that's created weather bedlam around the nation, including that tornado, believed to have had winds of 150 miles an hour in adairsville, georgia. Abc's steve osunsami visited with danny and katherine welch, sifting through what was left of their home. I found this one that has all of our names on it and our kids' names. Reporter: Daddy. That's you. Reporter: The same vicious cold front brought spring-like floods that washed out roads and flipped cars in north carolina. When the levee broke, there was trash, there was limbs, even saw a tire was floating by. Reporter: In parts of maryland, two to six inches of rain fell, making it a morning full of rescues. And then there was that wind. Wind gusted over 70 miles per hour in connecticut, taking down power lines and trees. Diane, I wanted to go back to that image inside the det whiteout today. Now, if this happens, the recommendation is to gradually slow down, turn on your flashers and if you can get off the highway, do so. Diane? Again, you have to act fast. Thank you so much, ginger zee reporting in tonight.

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{"id":18370675,"title":"Dangerous Weather Across the Country","duration":"2:26","description":"Monster winter storm causes havoc nationwide.","url":"/WNT/video/dangerous-weather-country-18370675","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}