Dangerous winter storm wreaks havoc on air travel

As the storm heads to the East Coast, travelers are faced with numerous flight cancellations and delays.
2:35 | 01/20/19

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Transcript for Dangerous winter storm wreaks havoc on air travel
That terrible weather making travel even more of a nightmare for those already slowed down by the government shut down taking its tool on those TSA lines as well he ABC's Kenneth. If he's Kenneth mode is in Chicago for us tonight. Tonight that major winter storm marching east wreaking Havoc on air travel. This United Airlines jet sliding off the runways Chicago O'Hare International Airport 129 passengers on board the flight from Phoenix no one injured. Icy conditions and Omaha causing the same problem for the southwest plane. The land that we as soon. He sold off into the sort of yeah. Same yeah its concerns. The storm canceling nearly 2000 flights delayed more than 2100. Here Chicago biblical thing over much of the morning Catalina highway along Lake Michigan no ability warm winds gusting at more than thirty miles per hour. The severe weather is compounding the street at the airports calls by the partial government shutdown air traffic controllers and TSA officers are working for free. Tick you off the holiday weekend at 7% of the TSE workforce called only now how you on Dylan all of us severe weather travel. Extremely depressed I don't own a Tom the storm authority calls 1000 flight cancellations tomorrow at airports operations and the TSA are working to keep Bob com. Can't vote for us like Kenneth thank you let's go right to Sam Champion standing behind Central Park Tim take us through what is expected to the rest of the weekend. All right we'll do Tom and if there's ever reason to keep your eye on the storm because it's now covering the eastern third of the country and we just started getting. Some flurries the first flakes here in New York. Let's get right to the maps you'll see this in long band of snow that goes from Arkansas all the way and already we just recently got some snow reports in western areas of Philadelphia as well a severe storm component of this reported tornado just north of Montgomery Alabama and those storms will fire up all night long now all of this is moving in the northeast tonight is that storm gets even stronger take a look new York and Boston are now headline on the wetter side of the storms and yes we'll all start as snow but will go quickly to freezing mix and then to -- the big snowfall totals will stay inland areas of northern New England you've got to get away from the Atlantic the Atlantic's get a call some warm air to mix in a change all this over to some rain the the Arctic blow out that comes in behind this storm is sub zero wind chills all the way to Washington DC with some black ice on Monday morning Tom. Sam Champion for us tonight Sam thank you.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"As the storm heads to the East Coast, travelers are faced with numerous flight cancellations and delays.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"60496531","title":"Dangerous winter storm wreaks havoc on air travel","url":"/WNT/video/dangerous-winter-storm-wreaks-havoc-air-travel-60496531"}