The Dangers of Traveling in Freezing and Sub-Zero Temperatures

Life threatening temperatures can affect your health and your safety when you travel.
3:00 | 01/06/14

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Transcript for The Dangers of Traveling in Freezing and Sub-Zero Temperatures
chicago than siberia tonight. We're hearing from you about this unrelenting cold in your daily lives. We're bringing in our team to cover family safety, from the right clothes to the slick, icy roads. And of course, also, to the people forced to live and try to bathe at the airports because they're stalled. And that's where abc's linzie janis begins our team coverage. Reporter: As stranded passengers reach their breaking thought it wouldn't get any worse. It was tense for a while. There were people fighting. My frustration level is here in case you want to know. Reporter: Tonight, a bombshell from jetblue. The airline shutting down operations at four major hubs, new york's la guardia, and jfk. Newark and boston's logan, until tomorrow morning. Officials blaming a flash freeze from those plummeting temperatures in the east, and new rules that just took effect this year requiring more rest for pilots. I just want to go home. I just want to get back, settle in. Reporter: America's travel nightmare now in it's sixth day. With more than 35,000 delayed flights and more than 16,000 canceled from the frozen zone to atlanta and florida. One airline offering evidence of the extreme cold. American airlines reporting from chicago, its antifreeze has been freezing. Some travelers are trying to see the adventure. Among the stranded, we met a group of college students trying to get home to los angeles. This is our home. Reporter: After four nights at la guardia -- what are you doing? Reporter: They resorted to washing their hair in bathroom sinks. They finally made it out today. But there will be plenty more left here tonight. You're anticipating people sleeping at the airports. We're prepared for this evening. We have 600 cats on-hand. Reporter: Another evening in limbo for travelers desperate for their own beds. I'm gio benitez in chicago, where the deep freeze is causing a nightmare on the roads. Car after car in the frozen midwest, stranded. Not going to go. Reporter: It's so dangerous indianapolis has, for the first time in 40 years, ordered all cars off the road. Except for emergencies. Treacherous winter conditions across the country causing crashes, like the one we saw this weekend in colorado. Aaa reporting tonight, 14,000 calls for help today in the midwest. 30% are for car battery failures. So, we hit the road with a pro. All right. Let's get out of here. Tow truck driver james rodgers. It's hard to maintain a car in this kind of weather. A lot of people are getting stuck. Reporter: A driver waves us down. Are you guys a towing company? Reporter: Locked out of his own car. Here's what can happen in weather like this. This handle was frozen when he tried to open the door. It just broke. And that's not the only problem. In weather like this, motor oil thickens. Engines can crack because of frozen coolant. Windshields can shatter and tires lose pressure. The best thing you could do tonight is the easiest. Stay off the road.

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{"id":21442274,"title":"The Dangers of Traveling in Freezing and Sub-Zero Temperatures","duration":"3:00","description":"Life threatening temperatures can affect your health and your safety when you travel.","url":"/WNT/video/dangers-traveling-freezing-temperatures-21442274","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}