Daring Hostage Rescue in North Carolina

Man held for 5 days by kidnapper who sent messages to victim's wife.
2:45 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for Daring Hostage Rescue in North Carolina
Thursday night. We begin with a daring rescue. The FBI in action. It was a kind of mission impossible that worked. And at the heart of the story a dangerous gang, a vulnerable hostage and daughter who feared she had put her father at risk. ABC with the latest on the unfolding drama. Martha Reporter: It was like an episode of the hit series "24." With threats of torture, dismemberment and a dramatic rescue. Frank Janssen a military contractor, grabbed from his doorstep nearly a week ago in North Carolina, tazed, and stuffed into a vehicle and driven to Atlanta. Janssen's wife soon began receiving a series of text messages. If police were called, said one message, Janssen would be sent, "Back to you in six boxes." Another showed a picture of Janssen tied to a chair. Their goal, to help a man behind bars. Specific demands were sent to Mr. Janssen's family for the benefit of Kevin Melton, an inmate at the Polk correctional institution in butler, north Carolina. Reporter: A habitual felon serving a life sentence without parole. It was Janssen's daughter, Colleen, a prosecutor well known to the local community, who had put Melton and other gang members behind bars. The FBI easily tracked the threatening text messages, and the cell phone logs which included calls to and from Kelvin Melton from his prison cell. You have this digital footprint now of telephone calls, from the prison cells to the folks he's using on the outside. You can sit in an office and probably track what they're doing and probably listen to those telephone calls. Reporter: Which is exactly what the FBI was doing. "Get a bag, put it over his head, and stuff something in his mouth, " the suspects were heard saying, according to the complaints. "Make him drink a whole bottle of nyquil." The FBI had to move fast, the phone calls leading to this apartment complex. Minutes later in the dark rest the rescue. Just heard a lot of commotion, a lot of booms, explosions like flash bang grenades. Frank is free. He's safe and back with his family today. Reporter: This was extremely dangerous situation for frank Janssen. Dealing with suspects like these and all five are in custody and were in court today can be even more dangerous for the hostage because the kidnappers can panic. This was an indeed urgent rescue, dine. A bold decision. Thank you Martha. Now we turn to the other big

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{"id":23283252,"title":"Daring Hostage Rescue in North Carolina","duration":"2:45","description":"Man held for 5 days by kidnapper who sent messages to victim's wife.","url":"/WNT/video/daring-hostage-rescue-north-carolina-23283252","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}