David Muir's Great Ideas for a Delicious Holiday

Foods made in America are available and ready to make the holidays delicious and unforgettable.
3:00 | 12/23/13

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Transcript for David Muir's Great Ideas for a Delicious Holiday
We move on to made in america and the jobs you're putting under the christmas tree this year, the ones you're helping to create with your one thing. We turn to the holiday dinner menu. It turns out the women "the view" were about to put our made in america team to the test. Reporter: They're red and green and knew why we were there. Upstairs in every dressing room the same message. Are you in? I'm in. I know you're in. Reporter: And whoopie, her one thing, the grill from san diego. She bought four of them herself. For christmas -- they're packaging one for your brother right now? Yes. I'm going to make sure he does not see. Reporter: He's not watching tonight but barbara is. Here's why. She told me I can't forget the appetizers. What better than cheese, a man named kurt beacher. Ten years ago he opened a cheese shop in seattle. Reporter: I'm going to have to go find it. For me that would be very nice. Reporter: Not only were we out to find it but make it. The fedex man right there, his christmas delivery. They sell cheese from all over america. This is the cheese counter? It is. Can you rattle off states represented here? Wisconsin, minnesota, oregon, vermont, new york, texas. Reporter: Because this christmas they are not forgetting the american farmer. When you are putting cheese on the holiday platter this year, you could be helping an american farmer? Definitely. Reporter: Here at beachers they make their own cheese, too. I was about to suit up. This is dan, our head cheese maker. Reporter: Dan, about to teach me. This is? The cheese production floor. This is where all the magic happens. Reporter: This was milk 30 minutes ago on its way. By the way, that milk from upstate new york, dutch hollow farm. Knowing full well back in the lab -- how is that? Reporter: The next step, filling the cheese. How is my form? Can use some work, pretty good. Reporter: Telling me I could use some work and that it would be ten minutes before my cheese was ready which gives us time to celebrate other american foods on the christmas menu. Marie calendars pies, americans buying 1 million of these alen. Look at the smiles. The factory workers waving to "world news" -- made in america. Reporter: The other iconic name, christmas arriving in a jiffy. Grandma maybe years ago and the name she came up with. This christmas they're making 1.5 million boxes of jiffy a day. We were smiling back at beachers, told our cheese was finally ready and so was their message tonight. Made in america. It was edible. I promise. Our thanks to barbara walters for the made in america idea.

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{"id":21318507,"title":"David Muir's Great Ideas for a Delicious Holiday","duration":"3:00","description":"Foods made in America are available and ready to make the holidays delicious and unforgettable.","url":"/WNT/video/david-muirs-great-ideas-delicious-holiday-21318507","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}