First Day of Spring: Wild Weather Continues

Storm stretches from Texas to Minnesota.
1:59 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for First Day of Spring: Wild Weather Continues
In the middle of the United States that monster storm. Has planted itself on an area stretching from Texas to Minnesota. Creating a roller coaster ride of crazy weather on this first day of spring and ABC's meteorologist ginger -- Headed out last night to watch for tornadoes she's in temple Texas now. Cars submerged. Rivers in court. Flash floods all coming from the same storm system that drop this tornado just southwest of San Antonio. See this thing battlin' beavers a couple of people that are at least at this twister one of the 312. Already reported this year. That's almost three times the normal amount -- and -- parting shot from one of the strangest winters in memory. This winter it just didn't seem right Chicago last march cars locked in almost two feet of snell. And this year it -- Beaches Salt Lake shore drive. Blanketed in beating seats -- this time it you still digging out from Christmas and look at picks a map the Great Lakes this year only 5% covered with it's unprecedented. In the forty years of recorded history. Compare it to this time in 1979. -- lakes almost completely frozen. Well this past winter was -- the fourth warmest winter we've seen in over a hundred years. Just this month more than 17100. Record high temperatures and 36 states. In Flint, Michigan air conditioner repairmen are suddenly in high demand and we went from not than a week ago to. Everything everything as -- sleeps in on a wave of floods with a fierce storm that's still going strong. The scope of this storm is enormous it's started on the West Coast from California to Missouri it has taken a long time and it's not over. It is still barely --

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{"id":15965435,"title":"First Day of Spring: Wild Weather Continues","duration":"1:59","description":"Storm stretches from Texas to Minnesota.","url":"/WNT/video/day-spring-wild-weather-continues-15965435","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}