Only 6 days until the Nevada caucus

Democratic candidates are uniting against Michael Bloomberg, accusing him of trying to buy the Democratic nomination.
2:38 | 02/17/20

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Transcript for Only 6 days until the Nevada caucus
Rob, thank you. Now to the democratic battle for Nevada. Joe Biden fighting to stay in the race. Biden especially targeting Bernie Sanders and his medicare for all proposal. All the candidates with sharp words for Mike Bloomberg, who is not even on the ballot there. A crucial week ahead. The Nevada caucus is just six here's Rachel Scott from las Vegas tonight. Reporter: Tonight, Joe Biden is betting on Nevada for a comeback, reaching out to every last voter. I voted for you yesterday. Reporter: Bringing a black congregation to its feet during a Sunday service. The former vice president shaking off back-to-back poor showings, weighing whether the impeachment trial and Republican attacks on his family may have bruised his campaign. Has that crossed your mind? It has, but, you know, I can't -- I can't focus on that, chuck. I've got to focus on the future. Reporter: Biden taking aim at senator Bernie Sanders and his record. He's been talking about health care, medicare for all, universal health care for 35 years. Nothing has happened. I helped get passed Obamacare. Reporter: Arguing Sanders' medicare for all proposal will take away the private insurance unions have fought for. No one should be able to tell them they can no longer have that plan! Nobody! Reporter: Sanders says his plan will provide insurance to everyone. Telling me he's not worried about losing crucial union support. We had about 700 people marching in to vote. We are feeling absolutely great. Reporter: With just six days to go before the caucus, the candidates on the ground here are uniting against billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who isn't even competing in the state. Accusing him of trying to buy the nomination. I didn't see Mike in Iowa when we were holding town meetings with folks there, didn't see him in New Hampshire. Hey, you know what, I didn't see him here in Nevada. I'm never gonna beat him on the airwaves. But I can beat him on the debate stage. Rachel joins us live from las Vegas where several candidates are participating in a forum that sounded like a challenge from senator klobuchar. Mike Bloomberg is inching closer to the debate stage, but time may be running out? Reporter: That's right. He has just two days left to qualify for the next debate. He needs just one more poll. His campaign is hopeful and tells us he is debate ready. And despite attacks from his rivals, he sees the money he's spending in the race as an investment in the fight to take on president trump. Rachel, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Democratic candidates are uniting against Michael Bloomberg, accusing him of trying to buy the Democratic nomination.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"69021602","title":"Only 6 days until the Nevada caucus","url":"/WNT/video/days-nevada-caucus-69021602"}