Deadly Avalanche Buries Hikers at 60 Miles Per Hour

Survivors recall harrowing events of Washington state avalanche, snow measured eight feet deep.
2:46 | 04/14/13

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Transcript for Deadly Avalanche Buries Hikers at 60 Miles Per Hour
to the massive and deadly avalanches in the west. Both with surprising power. One of them, 30 feet wide, 8 feet deep, a quarter of a mile long. And moving at speeds more than 50 miles per hour. Abc's clayton sandell, tonight, on the rescues and the search that's now turned into a recovery effort in the cascades. Reporter: The survivors say it came without warning. I thought I am dying. But I could hardly breathe because of snow. Continuously covered my body. And then, my face. Reporter: Chris soun was trapped when an avalanche passed over his group on saturday near snoqualmie pass. A woman hiking near the group was buried alive under five feet of snow. Rescuers tried to save her. But she died. Nearby -- the avalanche from what he's descring is, 30 foot wide, 8 feet deep and a quarter-mile long. Reporter: Another avalanche overpowered three men. Two dug themselves out. Their 60-year-old friend is still missing. They literally went 1,279 feet in that avalanche, at speeds of 53 miles per hour. Reporter: Every year in the u.S., Avalanches kill an average of 25 people. So far this season, at least 17 have died. Springtime can be especially dangerous, as warmer temperatures and sunshine make the snowpack unstable. And with heavy snow falling again today, conditions are so unsafe that the arch for the missing man had to be called off. Clayton sandell, abc news, denver. Clayton, thank you. From the avalanches to the snow battering parts of the country tonight. Blizzard conditions causing these whiteouts on the roads of the border of south dakota and minnesota tonight. That system is moving east of the heartland. Abc meteorologist, ginger zee is here now, tracking this front. Blizzards here still in april. And this is where the sn moving. Northern minnesota, north dakota, you're getting the snow and wind. As this moves to the east, it becomes rain and storms for the east coast. It's not going to stay all cold. But still going to change up that pleasant weather we've had. Back to that snow total because bismarck has already had in the area of a foot. Six to nine inches on top. Fargo, international falls, minneapolis won't get too much more out of it. And severe weather warnings into tomorrow? Yes. that's created problems north of orlando. We've seen tornado warnings. Reportedly waterspouts off the panhandle of florida. Tonight, we have a little -- kansas city to st. Louis. Watch this. This is the beginning of severe weather. Hail and damaging wind threat, st. Louis, tulsa, oklahoma city tomorrow.

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{"id":18953447,"title":"Deadly Avalanche Buries Hikers at 60 Miles Per Hour","duration":"2:46","description":"Survivors recall harrowing events of Washington state avalanche, snow measured eight feet deep.","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-avalanche-buries-hikers-60-miles-hour-18953447","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}