Deadly Floods in the West; and Hurricanes on the Move

Dramatic moments unfold as people, homes and cars are trapped and swept away by floods.
3:13 | 08/05/14

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Transcript for Deadly Floods in the West; and Hurricanes on the Move
Danger in the west more heavy rain and flash flooding expected into the evening. And this astonishing moment near Las Vegas that car swept away inside a driver trapped another car -- in the river hurtling toward them. We will show you what happened next year and also tonight in salt lake city state of emergency. A home collapsing as the camera rolls ABC's -- Owens right there. -- -- twenty families north of Salt Lake City are out of their homes tonight after one of their neighbors' houses look at it before. And now after. Collapsed after heavy rains triggered landslide. I -- my husband's -- wake up the kids then mountains coming down. With good reason in the last two weeks this part of Utah has seen twice the amount of rain it usually does. Right now we have one homeowners wind damage nobody else has been. And we're trying to keep it at that spot. Heavy rains also wreaking Havoc next door in Nevada. They gotta get out that I can get swept away where a flash floods sent one car surging toward that white Prius a woman trapped inside. Watch as a group of airmen passing by pulled the woman Al over the top of the driver's seat to safety. One of the men helping nearly swept away himself the others saving him just in time. I don't think we really had enough time to be really scared we just kind of get what we need to do and make sure everybody can get out -- there relatively safe. We came up high tonight to give you a perspective of just how much -- came tumbling down that hill. It is raining again tonight -- is light but that is still not good news and there is no word on when those families will be allowed back home. David -- Owens of Utah tonight Ryan thank you and I want to bring in chief meteorologist Cecily Tynan in the weather center that are powerhouse station WP DI there in Philadelphia. In Sicily were telling me the rains in the west we're not in the clear yet. That's exactly right David the monsoonal moisture is really just pushing up to the north so the border of Nevada. Idaho and Utah could get two -- -- three inches of rain could cause more flash flooding and mudslides in addition to that. There's a cold front that's slicing through the midwest for the parts of Iowa into Kentucky locally four inches of rain the potential for severe weather flash flooding there all right we'll be watching that tonight in -- -- also tracking two hurricanes and -- tropical storm tonight. And this is really a remarkable event for Hawaii. Two tropical systems heading right toward the island the first one major hurricane as -- and this has maximum sustained winds 125. Miles per hour. Apple pushes toward the island it will be encountering wind shear and drier air so will be weakening but looks like it will be hitting the Hawaiian Islands at -- tropical storm. Over the weekend. Followed by Coolio right on its wings so they are preparing produced in Hawaii meantime in the east we're talking about birth the last night here Sicily where is that tropical storm now. And David fortunately Bertha is no threat to land it's weakening. And it will continue moving -- to -- the problem though along the eastern seaboard dangerous rip -- yesterday there was a drowning off the coast of Atlantic City when a woman was swept away so this is something we really have to watch all right meteorologist Cecily Tynan with us tonight -- --

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Dramatic moments unfold as people, homes and cars are trapped and swept away by floods.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24857585","title":"Deadly Floods in the West; and Hurricanes on the Move","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-floods-west-hurricanes-move-24857585"}