World News: Deadly Pileup

Mixture of smoke and fog leads to fatal car collisions on Florida highway.
3:06 | 01/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for World News: Deadly Pileup
The deadliest crash on on American highway in twenty years and a warning for every driver in the country. There was a fiery pileup in Florida when a sudden blinding -- fog rolled in it's mist and smoke. And take a look at this picture through a front dashboard window you can -- the hood of the car. -- absolutely nothing else. And there are those newly released 911 tapes taking us inside the -- with the drivers who could hear the collisions all around them. ABC's Matt Gutman is in Florida tonight. Tonight's. They -- only to the impact -- my god what a -- aren't. If he's just released 911 tapes you can hear the apocalyptic scene unfold. One witness estimates callers were going as fast as eighty miles an hour straight into the wreckage. Another accident okay my automatic. -- -- -- In this -- of mangled steel and bodies at least ten dead twenty hurt. Skeletons of eighteen -- and cars smoldered for how -- after the pileup on I 75. Early Sunday morning south of Gainesville Florida. You hear cracks and and and and -- and in hits in just his sound has. -- breaking Stephen Randall camps was in a car wedged between two -- where you keep crying you hear people. You know me you know just basically asking why the -- was so dense that you know. You can really get a car and you get ahold of you he -- the. Authorities blame the carnage of what's called. A combination of ash from a nearby brush fire mixing with water particles creating a cool fog that's completely impenetrable it forms quickly. And visibility drops to near zero you get a feel for just how dangerous it is from this clip from local station B news nine. After similar conditions cost more lines in 2008. Can't see me anymore in this -- -- -- -- soup thick. Rescuers had to locate victims. The -- of screens. Authorities had temporarily closed the road following to -- -- accidents on Saturday then we opened it. Minutes later in the station. -- appear to be clear and and able to be navigated and then it can change just in an instant. And 36 hours later -- authorities are still trying to identify the victims and also the sequence of collisions are also trying to figure out. Why the decision was made to reopen that wrote a very dangerous one they say so authorities say if you find yourself on such -- road. Crack the window even if you can't see the cars in front of you you might be able to hear them. And again the sound of those drivers with -- 911 calls -- what are you learning tonight about what caused that smoke. Well authorities are saying it might have been arson they've ruled out that any lightning strikes happen or that there was a controlled burn. Authorities are telling us that if a suspect is found to have started that fire could be charged with multiple counts of manslaughter -- Okay Matt Chapman reporting from Florida.

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{"id":15475753,"title":"World News: Deadly Pileup","duration":"3:06","description":"Mixture of smoke and fog leads to fatal car collisions on Florida highway.","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-pileup-florida-superfog-15475753","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}