Deadly School Shooting in Oregon

Gunman dead after walking into Reynolds High School where he shot and killed one student and seriously injured a teacher.
2:39 | 06/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly School Shooting in Oregon
-- horrific scene playing out today the last week of school. And then it happened. A gunman walking into an organ high school heading straight for that locker room opening fire. Killing one student others running for cover including a teacher who was hit and survived. And that -- that sadly become all too familiar students streaming out hands in the air and this tonight a mountain of backpacks left behind as the students fled. At this hour we're learning more about the students who survive some who heard the gunfire while they were in the -- others who barricaded themselves in ABC's David Wright is there tonight. -- 5 this morning in trying to do over again. -- police respond to a high schools called for help. -- -- -- -- At least one person down -- body. Police on site within minutes guns drawn and a swat team. Students filing -- hands in the air their bags searched by law enforcement. I was really scared I was like. Like this is happening -- this is a real. Witnesses say the gunman armed with an assault rifle started the shooting in -- locker room near the -- chasing a beloved -- -- teacher down the hall. -- carry a gun running after one of our teachers our teacher mr. Kessler. Who actually ended up getting shot. Cameron and cave -- were right inside the gym the second shots. Sounded they were really -- Looks different tables being on endorsing a good guy did good music got to -- -- -- silly little -- -- Princeton on my -- -- are -- training room and we in -- a hundred students huddled together behind locked doors terrified. Many texting their parents. I won't mean there really -- was he quiet as the -- this is not a that this is not a true. The school locked down for nearly an hour over the intercom they said this is a real locked down. Turn the White Sox stay quiet -- -- -- worried parents waited outside for news of their kids. Everybody not -- -- correct it and we -- about rock -- -- One student was killed by the shooter the victim remembered tonight by friends. -- whether one time smiling me how he wants -- his smiled his dealings and smile oozes. It gives him. Tonight police say that the shooter was a teenage male no word yet whether he was a student at this high school. Authorities say they found him slumped in a bathroom stall. And sent in a robot to confirm that he is dead. As for the PE teacher he shot he's okay thankfully he suffered only minor injuries David all right David Wright leading us off tonight David think you.

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{"id":24080443,"title":"Deadly School Shooting in Oregon","duration":"2:39","description":"Gunman dead after walking into Reynolds High School where he shot and killed one student and seriously injured a teacher.","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-school-shooting-oregon-24080443","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}