Deadly Storms Take the Life an 18-Year-Old Woman in Arkansas

Tornadoes in the South cause widespread damage, destroying homes, with neighborhoods under water, and streets looking like rivers.
3:14 | 12/24/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly Storms Take the Life an 18-Year-Old Woman in Arkansas
I begin with breaking news tornadoes touching down right now. Deadly storms just as tens of millions of Americans help for the holidays this that you just being a massive tornado take a look at that. Ripping through the south. More than a dozen homes damaged or destroyed this is there are reports of multiple injuries one of the twisters cut into northern Mississippi. And look closely you can see debris that whirling through the year. Tonight part of the country under a tornado emergency because several more intense tornadoes could be on the way all of this just as so many Americans are on the move tonight. Two hour delays at the airports more on that in a moment but we begin tonight with development in Memphis under tornado watch for much of the day and home. I'm late today this massive tornado touching down in Mississippi. Officials telling ABC news a debate team homes destroyed. At at least seven injured two severely but the storms firing off early to be half a foot of rain on Mobile, Alabama. This neighborhood underwater mystery the looking more like a river widespread damage across the south the storm moved through the biggest threat for tornadoes is right here. More than three and a half million people here under an extreme alert called a particularly dangerous situation. In Arkansas sixty mile an hour winds uprooting trees and eighteen year old woman died after a tree crashed into this home. Eighteen month old baby pulled from the wreckage. The toddler was transported to a local hospital the eighteen year old female was pronounces. Did its thing. On the other side of that storm system heavy snow causing spin outs in Wisconsin. Meanwhile in the west snow covered roads snarling traffic in you talk. While gusts over eighty miles an hour in Mojave California toppled fifteen to twenty tractor trailers. Watch as the roof of this building is ripped clean off. Those big rigs banned from the highway until the winds died down. It's scary it's I don't. And Tom these storms are still not over. The mayor of Clarksville Mississippi is calling the damage their horrific. And officials here in Memphis are worried that Christmas decorations could become projectiles. As these storms continue to fire up tonight Tom. It's a good warning Phillip and a fresh tonight Philip stay safe. ABC's senior meteorologist rob Marciano with me now now rob those deadly storms and those tornadoes where they had it tonight a very dangerous especially now Tom that night has fallen and we've got five tornado watches across several states still up and I'm worried about. Tennessee is he storms get closer to Nashville little boy you'll see some strong storms and I was possible cross a parts of Ohio I do want to point out that we've got some heavy rain impacting travel across the northeast and across Atlanta Georgia where flash flood watches are posted for Georgia and across the Carolinas in through Virginia. And that heavy rain expected through tomorrow and rob of course the other big weather story tonight the white hot Christmas here in the East Coast they were still on track to see records be blow out of the water twenty to forty degrees above average look at some of these number for daytime highs. Tomorrow 67 Boston 71 degrees New York it's every three in DC scheduled to be the warmest Christmas Eve in many cities on record meanwhile out west that's where the snows are. At the higher elevation you wanna bring along the change of your travel America's. The snow will be covering the roads in the night.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Tornadoes in the South cause widespread damage, destroying homes, with neighborhoods under water, and streets looking like rivers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"35934193","title":"Deadly Storms Take the Life an 18-Year-Old Woman in Arkansas ","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-storms-life-18-year-woman-arkansas-35934193"}