Deadly Tornadoes Rip the US

The communities picking up the pieces this holiday.
3:35 | 12/25/15

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Transcript for Deadly Tornadoes Rip the US
And we begin with those deadly tornadoes and the communities torn apart. The dark cloud of destruction moving in here. A wild string of rare December tornadoes and violent weather, from Arkansas to Michigan, that left 11 people dead. And so many taking stock of their lives on this Christmas eve. Scenes of devastation like this across the ravaged south. People returning to their homes, trying to salvage what's left. ABC's Phillip Mena now with the story in Mississippi. Reporter: Tonight, severe weather still on the move. With blinding rain in Alabama and flooded roads south of Atlanta. This after a devastating Christmas week tornado outbreak. Oh! I think that's a tornado brewing up! Reporter: Over 24 hour nay does reported. I looked up, the roof was blowing off the house. Reporter: Watch as these two tornadoes merge into one massive twister. Swirling winds lifting this tractor trailer and sending it C careening onto its side. The national weather service says this tornado was at least an ef-3 and may have tracked over a hundred miles across two states. It was like a war zone. Reporter: First responds helping to the injured, including retired nurse sherry keel. She was on her way home from last minute Christmas shopping. There's a lady in the ditch over there who's in bad shape who needs help. She kept asking about her child. Reporter: That child, just seven years old, didn't survive. I can't believe what this woman is going to feel, when she's told her child didn't make it. Reporter: So, this is where you and your daughter and your granddaughter hid during the storm? Gwendolyn Jones had no storm shelter. She and her family took cover in the safest place they could find. We laid here on the floor and holding hands and praying all the while. Reporter: The room her daughter and granddaughter live in, now destroyed. Losing so much so close to Christmas, but this family feels blessed. Christmas will still be Christmas, so, whether I have presents or not. That's not going to change Christmas for me. Reporter: The community here now coming together. Donations pouring into this shelter, hoping to salvage some kind of Christmas. Tom, this motor home was parked 100 yards away. And the only thing that stopped it was a two-story building, now obliterated. And, the trailer, attached to that rv, Tom, they found it up in those trees, a quarter mile away. Incredible. All right, Phillip, thank you. And now we want to bring in rob Marciano, outside in new York City. Rob, those powerful storms, are they over at this point? Reporter: Still happening, Tom. Especially across the southeast, where it was a mess today. Eight to ten inches of rain falling across southeast Alabama and still flooding rains happening from Mississippi through the I-10 and I-20 corridor. We have flash flood watches that are posted across these areas. Look at the future radar for tomorrow. The same areas could see some rough weather on Christmas day. And the flood threat, Tom, both flash flooding and leariver flooding could last through the weekend. Rob, the calendar says December, but it looks like you are dressed for July. How long is this worment going to last? Reporter: It is absurd, isn't it? No jacket required. 68 degrees today in northern Vermont. All-time record for the month of December in Burlington. And more records are going to fall tomorrow, though it will be a little bit schooler, 10 to 15, 20 degrees above average. Warm and humid in the southeast. Here at this holiday market in Manhattan, where the venders are breaking down for the season, they are breaking a sweat tonight. Tom? Good point. All right, rob Marciano for us tonight. Rob, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"The communities picking up the pieces this holiday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"35948102","title":"Deadly Tornadoes Rip the US","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-tornadoes-rip-us-35948102"}