Deadly Tornadoes Strike Oklahoma Again

Torrential rains, flash floods trap dozens of motorists on stretch of interstate.
4:17 | 06/01/13

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Transcript for Deadly Tornadoes Strike Oklahoma Again
We do begin with extraordinary images caught on tape, tornados hitting oklahoma yet again. You can see the funnel cloud there off in the distance just last week we were there after the tornado in moore, oklahoma. Look at this tonight, the newest storms to hit. What it was like from inside one of those countless cars trapped on the oklahoma inner states. That's debris barrelling through the air straight at the drivers. Cars pushed right into another lane, that debris smashing wind shields. Many families tell us there were conflicting warnings. Some on television telling them to get into their cars and beat the tornado. Those tornados so powerful. The winterright there collapsed onto a school. The violence spreading beyond oklahoma, too, st. Louis, missouri, dozens of homes damaged. Winds up to 150 mile per hour. The rains triggering to flash flooding and rescues. This image today, a man kayaking down the street in fort wayne, indiana. This was widespread. Our stream extreme weather team is leading the coverage. Meteorologist ginger zee is in oklahoma tonight. Good evening. Reporter: Good evening, david. I'm right here next to this gigantic wind turbine blade that smashed into a school, a daycare where small children go. I want to give you perspective to have you understand how huge this thing is. That the tornado threw it a quarter of a mile. Fortunately none of the children were inside. Chaos is the oklahoma landscape is scoured again. Tonight we know that at least nine are dead, more than 100 injured as five confirmed tornados ripped through just 11 raw days after that ef-5onster erased moore, oklahoma. Among the dead a mother and baby believed to be sucked from their car. On this day that jet stream we've been talking about for a week dug in, hot and moist and unstable air, the violent storms unfolded like clock work. Five hours before the tornado touchdown, the national weather service warning by 6:00 p.M. The tornados lined up one after another, terrifying targets, oklahoma city. I 44 they shut down the highway going north so people can't get into oklahoma city. This is a serious situation. Two tornados back to back heading downtown. Turn the car around! Storm chasers trying to get away blasted with debris. The be tornado tunk right into them. Look at that right there another group of chasers lifted by the wind. Inside that vehicle it looked like this. An airport shredded, semitrucks tossed as one of the tornados flipping dozens of cars along i 40. The tornado races from the southwest, meets the highway and takes a sharp right turn heading straight through the busy freeway. With the ravenous twisters came drowning rain. Out my back yard where there's a large rapid. The roads collapsing as up to 8 inches of rain fell. That road right there is in very bad condition. It could collapse at any time. Reporter: It wasn't all in oklahoma. A vivid strike at one of america's other great cities st. Louis. Preliminary reports of at least three tornados, winds topping out at 150 mile per hour. From central missouri to illinois, water rescues as far as fort wayne, indiana. One of the maintains men told us that this turbine is one of three. The other two, they don't know where the tornado brought them. Proof of the extraordinary power of these tornados. We're not in the clear yet. More severe weather in the hours ahead? All right popping up in western pennsylvania. They will along that cold front. The potential for them all the way through southern texas, not just tonight but one more day into northeast and new england. Tomorrow high alert for afternoon and evening for those big cities you see included Ginger zee leading the

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{"id":19306599,"title":"Deadly Tornadoes Strike Oklahoma Again","duration":"4:17","description":"Torrential rains, flash floods trap dozens of motorists on stretch of interstate. ","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-tornadoes-strike-oklahoma-19306599","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}