2 Deadly Bus Crashes on US Highways

A tour bus in eastern Pennsylvania heading to Niagara Falls was hit by a tractor-trailer and a Houston bus was hit by two tractor-trailers.
2:07 | 06/04/15

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Transcript for 2 Deadly Bus Crashes on US Highways
We begin would those two horrific crashes today both involving buses carrying passengers. The first out of Eastern Pennsylvania tourists on the way to Niagara Falls a tractor trailer crossing the center of the highway smashing white into the front of the boss. Tonight at least three dead thirteen injured several in critical condition. The windows of the bus shattered authorities inside they're searching for clues. And then late today word of another deadly accident this time Texas interstate ten west of Houston one bus two tractor trailers at least two killed thirty injured. ABC's Lindsay Davis leads us off outside Scranton Pennsylvania tonight. A deadly day on America's highways first those images of that horrific scene in. Eastern Pennsylvania. Yeah. He. Mobile patients involved multiple fatalities. There's just have that we there's people covered in blood in just. Just man everywhere at the highway littered with debris and this mangled bus after a fatal crash that left three dead and thirteen others injured. Traffic gridlock for hours as people say no you'll get yet again yet he has some new lot of guys we'll. People down. One lady specific I remember. She's gushing blood. Just after 10 AM tractor trailer traveling southbound on I 380 skidded over the grassy median slamming into a northbound driving tour bus. The impact so severe it's split the trailer in half sending him flying often did nearby woods the driver of the tractor trailer somehow managed to survive. I just pray for the people and I pray for the families and the missiles that were lost its tragedy. And those pictures of authorities combing through the toward us its windows shattered. The bus full of Italian tourists to Niagara Falls some of them airlifted to nearby hospitals. And that's similar scene playing out just outside of Houston. We're two people were killed and thirty others injured in another crash this afternoon in balding a passenger bus and two tractor trailers. The crash here in Pennsylvania closing these northbound lanes for the majority of the day. Four people remain in critical condition David Lindsay thank you.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"A tour bus in eastern Pennsylvania heading to Niagara Falls was hit by a tractor-trailer and a Houston bus was hit by two tractor-trailers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"31513432","title":"2 Deadly Bus Crashes on US Highways","url":"/WNT/video/deadly_bus-crash-31513432"}