Behind the Scenes at the Debate

The debate hall by the numbers.
1:22 | 12/11/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind the Scenes at the Debate
About now on the debate floor just a few feet away from the podiums -- the candidates will be debating one another just a short time from now but. One of the things you don't often see at home -- the seats reserved for the spouses of the candidates even before the debate begins Anita Perry governor Perry's wife. And Romney governor Mitt Romney's wife she'll be watching closely tonight. Also watching closely. Amy Walter and Rick -- our political director our senior Washington editor and sort of an insider's guide to the folks at home watching I'm curious what you'll be watching most closely on the stage here tonight. Let me watching body language and specifically I'm going to be watching Newt Gingrich -- body language. -- -- -- in the middle tonight literally and figuratively his opponents are likely to come after him how he responds is going to be very important to watch in fact if you could give me just one camera I would put it right on Newt Gingrich and -- every single move that he makes his facial expressions his body language incoming fire expected for Gingrich tonight and Rick what -- you be watching. There's a new front runner in town that means I'm going to be looking at the cold front runner Mitt Romney is a critical debate and does -- do something to try to change the dynamics of a campaign that's -- a week -- him right now. Most specifically does he throw a punch that's backed up some of the things that his supporters are saying about Newt Gingrich they're out there -- -- untrustworthy questioning his conservative credentials. Does Mitt Romney see those things to do Gingrich -- -- its -- -- he used those words on this stage here tonight and -- and knew next to each other for the first time that's determined by the polling. That's right they -- -- into in the polls and the right in the middle tonight.

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{"duration":"1:22","description":"The debate hall by the numbers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"15130267","title":"Behind the Scenes at the Debate","url":"/WNT/video/debate-republican-vote-mitt-romney-newt-gingrich-politics-15130267"}