Deep Freeze Hitting 40 Below Zero With Major Blizzards

White-out conditions and bone chilling wind chills as people try to recover from the last storm.
3:00 | 12/28/13

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Transcript for Deep Freeze Hitting 40 Below Zero With Major Blizzards
Just as blizzard conditions hit part of this country frigid temperatures will move in right behind it. This as another storm system begins to make its move hitting just before new years at who will it affect. Thousands of whom were already hit with the Christmas storm this man right here at Litchfield Maine without power no refrigerator keeping his frozen food out on his deck. In East Lansing, Michigan tonight this family without power for nearly a week now looking -- -- generator -- from a neighbor to -- his house. Power crews working around the clock this weekend and tonight of Arctic deep freeze moving in across the plains and the midwest just look at the temperatures there many of them below zero. And then the East Coast gets hit next we have team coverage tonight beginning with ABC's deal -- as would be impossible driving conditions right now. What you can't see here is the problem right now a major blizzard North Dakota cars -- whiteout conditions tonight wind chills are going down to forty below zero listen to -- wind roar. Maine and Michigan still digging out from a monster like this is just miserable miserable tens of thousands of both states are still without power for the six. Do we want these people had their power back and be able to keep their homes and could -- -- and do all the things that they do on a normal day power restoration is dangerous. And those lines are clearly frozen adrenaline plays year old sometimes during. Hang out at this stage of the game but they're also very motivated they're very motivated to get this done. Tonight we -- people need not have their power back until the new year. And take a look behind me right now Times Square is ready for that famous ball dropped just a few days from now. And while it's relatively warm right now temperatures could feel like they're dropping into the single digits by New Year's -- Get ready for that still -- All right going to be cold night in Times Square in Jersey -- thank you you heard you report there power still out -- -- Tonight and now the cold. Of course the next storm coming so we wanted to bring in new England's news leader ABC station channel five tonight meteorologist Mike welcome Mike always great to have you and first you're concerned playing out right now. Across the Dakotas tonight David what we have some strong winds out of the north twenty to thirty gusting over fifty miles per hour. Let's get his wind chill indexes as much as fifty degrees below zero tonight across parts of North Dakota and adjacent areas of Minnesota look at these wind chill indexes tomorrow. As we head -- the morning hours they're going to be dropping way below zero all the way south to Kansas City. This is a real Arctic blast -- in the central plains and Mike you were telling me the real worries there in New England this next storm system moving right at the East Coast in time to hit right before New Year's. That's right David the storm is coming right up out of the Gulf of Mexico it is dropping an incredible a -- moisture with it. -- -- radio Washington DC New York tomorrow and once it gets the Boston and north of there it's going to be changing over to some snow so those areas had all -- power outages. They're -- be hit with anywhere between six and twelve inches of snow which of course means additional problems for them. As we look ahead to New -- if the weather it looks like it to be cold across a big chunk of the country look for just some light snow flurries -- the Great Lakes but overall this is a real chilly weather pattern as we head into the new year.

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{"id":21357933,"title":"Deep Freeze Hitting 40 Below Zero With Major Blizzards","duration":"3:00","description":"White-out conditions and bone chilling wind chills as people try to recover from the last storm.","url":"/WNT/video/deep-freeze-hitting-40-major-blizzards-21357933","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}