Deep Freeze Worsens

Difficult driving conditions and home heating bills mounting as weeks of cold drag on.
3:00 | 01/25/14

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Transcript for Deep Freeze Worsens
deep freeze about to get colder across much of this country. Hard to imagine. Another system moving in. This image tonight from St. Joseph Michigan. And a car wash in Pennsylvania. Unreal. Tonight the difficult driving conditions on the Saturday and the other worry for families now, the heating bills mounting after weeks and weeks of cold. Here's ABC. Reporter: In the midwest tonight. Heavy winds whipping up whiteout conditions. These roads in North Dakota look more like the see beer Yan tundra. Snowy roads are making for some white knuckle driving. Toe trucks working in frigid temps. It's bad. Especially when the roads get icy. Reporter: Detroit seeing its snowiest Jan ever. All this cold bringing with it a bitter reality for American households. Nine out of ten households been hit with soaring heating bills this winter. Some spiking as high as 24%. For the 7 million American homes and businesses running on propain. A gas shortage pushing up prices. One type tried to pay a flat amount. A couple tips for keeping your heating bills down, try this around sliding doors and windows to keep the draft out. Experts say a lot of heat escapes around pipes. Put that where the pipe meets the wall. Good advice. In new England is the hardest hit. We want to bring in the meertdologist in Boston. You were telling us a fast moving system coming in this evening. That's right. These are called clipper systems. Along with them they drag the cold air and create a lot of wind. Windchill indexes will drop way below veer across much of the United States. They drag snow with them as well. Quick hitting systems. If you get on the down wind side, you could pick up as much as a foot of snow. The blowing and drifting. Blizzard warnings for parts of North Dakota. Minnesota and into Iowa. People at home are going to find this hard to believe. Next week even colder. That's right. Straight in from the arctic over the north part of the united States and check out these overnight lows into parts of Minneapolis. Anywhere between 18 and 23 degrees below. Here in Boston will drop near zero and Atlanta it will be coder than Alaska. Next to a tense scene. Last night we showed you the

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{"id":21883914,"title":"Deep Freeze Worsens ","duration":"3:00","description":"Difficult driving conditions and home heating bills mounting as weeks of cold drag on.","url":"/WNT/video/deep-freeze-worsens-21883914","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}