Defying 'Gravity'

New movie raises question of what you can really see from space.
2:14 | 10/06/13

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Transcript for Defying 'Gravity'
defying gravity. This is an image from the new movie millions saw this weekend. After our "person of the week" here, many of you wanting more. What can y really hear, really see, 353 miles above the earth? It's the space mission that's left millions breathless in its first weekend. Sandra bullock playing would be astronauts on a space walk, soon facedthe unexpected. The view from inside her helmet. Houston, do you copy? Reporter: The astronauts sent up to repair the hubble telescope, just like mike massimino, real life astronaut, was sent to do the same. This week, he was our "person of the week," so many tweeting about her descriptions, and there was more. You describe the sunlight. It's like a purity. It's like pure white light. It's the brightest thing I've ever seen. Anyone? Reporter: When you're up there, what do you hear? Can you hear? When you're out space walking, the only thing you can hear is what's coming through your communication cap. If you took a hammer and started banging on the side, you're not going to hear anything. Reporter: Can't travel. No way to travel. You're in space. Reporter: While shooting the movie, bullock wore an ear piece molded to her ear. Once she put it in, information everything went silent. Haunting and lonely, even on the set. Massimino told us about the team work in space, the training, before they even step out of that shuttle. We're going to make sure we button each other up, everything is sealed, everybody's coming home. Reporter: The camaraderie, a lifeline bullock learned doing this. George's character represents the ultimate good in humanity. We always see the bad and we always like to publicize the bad, but we don't see the random acts of kindness. Reporter: And the reports that the 49-year-old bullock wasn't the first choice, even the second, now comes the praise from the critics. And from that real life astronaut, too. She comes up to you? She came up, she said, hi, I'm sandy. I think that's one of the things that makes a good astronaut is getting along with people. I'm not a film person, I'm just an astronaut here, but i thought she did a very good job of portraying the personal side of what it's like to be in space. Reporter: And from this astronaut to the others, he's thankful they've been taught about reaching out to your partner when disaster strikes. The review tonight from a real

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{"id":20489634,"title":"Defying 'Gravity'","duration":"2:14","description":"New movie raises question of what you can really see from space.","url":"/WNT/video/defying-gravity-20489634","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}