Democratic Debate Strategy for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

Both candidates hoping to grab minority and young voters as they head to Nevada and South Carolina.
2:50 | 02/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Democratic Debate Strategy for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders
To major developments on the democratic side tonight Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and a showdown this evening. They're in Wisconsin Al their first debate since Bernie Sanders trounced Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. All now looking to Nevada and South Carolina polls of that state have shown Clinton with a lead but Sanders of course with new momentum. Tonight both courting black voters and ABC's Cecilia Vega one on one with Bernie Sanders asking does Clinton's ground game give her an advantage in this next route. Here's what he set. Tonight a debate stage show down the first since Bernie Sanders is sweeping New Hampshire win the American people are harder. Of establishment politics. Tired of establishment economics. They want a political revolution. In which millions of Americans stand up I want it to tackle those barriers that stand in the way of too many Americans right now. But before the fight on stage a fight on the campaign trail both sides today rolling out key African American endorsements with an eye to the South Carolina primary in Clinton's corner members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Georgia congressman John Lewis slamming Sanders saying he wasn't on the front lines of the civil rights struggle. But I'm no slowing. I never met him was involving is that in to freedom around the march on Washington the march from Selma to Montgomery. That I met Hillary Clinton. I met President Clinton. But Sanders today winning the support of another civil rights icon superstar Harry Belafonte day. I think he represents. Opportunity. I think you're cousins and moral imperative. All signs the campaign is moving to a new battle field. The democratic vote more than 90% white in Iowa and New Hampshire but in South Carolina more than half of the democratic vote could come from African Americans. And in Nevada blacks and Latinos could make up a third but Sanders acknowledging Clinton has a head start. She's got the infrastructures. The names just got the ground game I wouldn't you bring she's out of us. But we are moving pretty quickly amid I think she was ahead of arsenal I wish it was analysts in the country when we caught up. And Cecilia Vega with us now live Cecilia Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders bull fighting hard for South Carolina and tonight. That State's most powerful Democrat appears to be torn choosing his words very carefully. Very carefully data congressman's include Jim clapboard. Saying that he is undecided industries his own family is split his daughter is for Hillary his son is grandson is filling the burden let's. He says quote my heart and head are in different places right now but we will see. A sign of the tough road ahead David for Hillary Clinton or we'll let the viewers interpret that when Cecilia Vega witnessed tonight thank you.

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{"id":36879744,"title":"Democratic Debate Strategy for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders","duration":"2:50","description":"Both candidates hoping to grab minority and young voters as they head to Nevada and South Carolina.","url":"/WNT/video/democratic-debate-strategy-hillary-clinton-bernie-sanders-36879744","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}