Dems Treat Big-Money Backers Like Royalty

Perks and sometimes jobs for the party's major financial backers.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Dems Treat Big-Money Backers Like Royalty
big night here in charlotte, north carolina. The weight of big names due to speak at the democratic national convention. But behind highly closed doors, there are legions of mega donors whose names you will not hear. They have raised millions for president obama, and for some less than a gateway to perks, favors and even important jobs. Here's abc's chief investigative reporter brian ross on the money trail again tonight. Reporter: Just like the republicans, the democrats in charlotte are treating their big money people like political royalty. There are the convention delegates and then there's the elite. Reporter: This confidential contain document lays out the perks for the superdonors. The tough package for those who raise more than $1 million. With access to places most delegates will never see, including this invitation-only concert last night by pop singer john legend. ♪ it's the top rung players and basically, most of the delegates to the convention and most of the american people are left out of this loop. Reporter: In addition to the pickses xz there be perks, there are jobs to from our abc news money trail files from a big donor event at the 2008 convention in denver, we found obama fund-raiser allen katz, one of 24 to be named an ambassador. Nicole lamb-hale, another big fund-raiser. In 2008, fund-raiser steve spinner also raised $150,000. When we found spinner being honored among the big donors this year again in charlotte, he went out a side exit. You cannot be following people. Reporter: A democratic party official blocked our camera crews and followed. Yet another fund-raiser here this week, chicago stockbroker, raj fernando was named to the advisory board but resigned shortly after abc news asked about his qualifications to be on the board. It was not something fernando wanted to talk about this week. This is abc news -- Reporter: We were told to leave the hotel or face arrest. You'll be arrested. Reporter: I'll be arrested for asking questions of this man? The democrats like to say they're different than republicans, more open about the money, but in fact, like the republican, democrats continue to keep secret the names of biggest donors to outside advocacy groups, the head of those of super funds tells me he does just as karl rove does. Thanks so much, brian. And coming up, silent heart attacks. Millions of us have had them, did not know it how to tell if

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Perks and sometimes jobs for the party's major financial backers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"17153641","title":"Dems Treat Big-Money Backers Like Royalty","url":"/WNT/video/dems-treat-big-money-backers-royalty-17153641"}