Dennis Hastert Admits Wrongdoing in Plea Deal

Hastert could get six months in prison for fraud after allegedly paying hush money to a sex abuse victim.
1:46 | 10/28/15

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Transcript for Dennis Hastert Admits Wrongdoing in Plea Deal
And in Chicago tonight, a stunning fall for a former speaker of the house. Entering a guilty plea in a criminal case involving hush money to hide alleged misconduct. The accusations dating back to when he was a popular high school wrest. ING coach. It is a stunning fall for a man who was once second in line for the presidency. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross in Chicago tonight. Reporter: Once a symbol of power and authority, a humbled Dennis Hastert came to court today in Chicago to admit he broke banking laws as he paid millions of dollars in hush money to cover up a dark secret. Mr. Hastert, do you have anything to sail to your victims, sir? But by pleading guilty, the former speaker avoids having to public address the ghosts of his past. It all goes back to the 1970s, when Hastert was a popular Illinois high school wrestling coach and allegedly sexually abused several teenage boys on his team. These boys were 14, 15, 16 years old. Reporter: Jolene Burdge told ABC news her late brother Steven was one of his victims, which he revealed to her when he came out as gay. I asked him, Stevie, when was your first same-sex experience? He looked at me and said that it was with Dennis Hastert. I know I was stunned. Reporter: Today, she says she was disappointed, but not surprised Hastert made a deal with the government. I think it's unfair. His victims didn't get a choice. Reporter: David, the crime Hastert pleaded guilty to today carries a maximum sentence of five years. Yet, under his deal, the government will recommend that Hastert serve at most only six months and probably in a halfway house, not a federal prison. David? Brian Ross and his team covering this case from the

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{"duration":"1:46","description":"Hastert could get six months in prison for fraud after allegedly paying hush money to a sex abuse victim.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"34808144","title":"Dennis Hastert Admits Wrongdoing in Plea Deal","url":"/WNT/video/dennis-hastert-admits-wrongdoing-plea-deal-34808144"}