Denver Snowstorm Grounds Flights

Blizzard sweeps across the Midwest, causing people to stay where they are.
2:16 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for Denver Snowstorm Grounds Flights
In the middle of this country they are getting slammed by a record breaking blizzard which is dumping three times as much snow in Denver in three days. As they usually see all month. 600 flights canceled two inches of snow every hour just look at this car. Encased in snow and under twelve hours cars no match for mother nature. So ABC's Clinton sent Dow was in the thick of the storm for us right now and Denver tonight. The storm is so bad it turns anyone who ventures out into a ghostly apparition. Heavy snow plus high wind creating white out blizzard -- shutting down neighborhood streets. And freeways. Countless crashes littered icy roads this one grinding deliveries to a halt. What kind of a while are -- getting. This one will be the single heaviest February snowstorm. In a hundred years. Denver normally get six inches of snow in February today they got three times that much in just one storm. New avalanche warnings went out for the mountains while a small army of snowplows Criss -- Denver streets. Drivers had to clear 3200. Miles of roadway equal to a trip to new York and back. It's not cheap. We have a 126. Life -- -- see behind me. Roughly costs about a hundred -- -- thousand dollars per day ahead of those snow -- We -- into neighborhoods still trying to dig out some like charming Gonzales are enjoying the store. You don't want this -- -- And kids who were supposed to be doing this planning -- -- numbers work out of school and -- Others like this -- is desperately trying to catch a bus ready for the storm to -- home. Tonight six states are under snow advisories the storm is now moving toward Omaha Nebraska and a more Iowa. Forecasters say its effects will be felt as far as Illinois Kentucky and West Virginia. Now it's bad here Diane but parts of the mountains have -- Four feet of snow and they could get another foot of snow overnight.

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{"id":15510086,"title":"Denver Snowstorm Grounds Flights","duration":"2:16","description":"Blizzard sweeps across the Midwest, causing people to stay where they are. ","url":"/WNT/video/denver-snowstorm-grounds-600-flights-blizzard-sweeps-midwest-2012-us-15510086","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}